The Cheater Fetching Thingy

I made a set of the Cheater Fetchings in about an hour and 1/2. They actually look cute to me. I’m going to post a how to question on these in another thread. I used up some cashmere I had in my stash so it’s a stashbuster right? :teehee:

Those are adorable. :cheering: They look sooo soft. Did you make up the pattern? (We won’t tell anyone you cheated. :teehee: )

Oh no, someone posted the pattern a couple of days ago. It is basically cast on 40, k2p2 rib for 2.5", switch to stockingnet for 2.5" then 1/2" on rib to complete. Sew them up and they’re done!

I’m going to try them in the round this weekend so I don’t have to seam. I hate seaming!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Those are very interesting. Great for knitting outdoors in cold weather. :teehee: