The Chargers make me appreciate my bf

since the chargers have made it to the made it this far into the season it has made me appreciate my boyfriend more. San Diego has gone CRAZY since apparantly it has been FOREVER since the chargers has been this good. i wouldn’t know since i am not a football fan. thankfully neither is my boyfriend. everywhere i go people are charger crazy. but NOT MY BOYFRIEND. He is not a football fan. he likes motorcycles. it makes me appreciate him more that he completely ignores all of the football hoopla. :cheering: :cheering:

I haven’t been following football thise season, but as a former San Diegan, I can say the last time the Chargers were in the Super Bowl, I was pregnant with my daughter…so 12 years ago. They’ve made the play offs recently since then, but like I said, I don’t know how far they are now.

I think you would have a hard time living in this part of Wisconsin. I would say that at least half of the local news programs are about the Packers. The other half is about the weather. The radio is full of Packers news. It’s just Packers Packers Packers Packers all the time. It doesn’t even matter how far along they are in the playoffs.