The Challenge is on! AND ITS BEEN solved!

Hi everyone! I am sorry to start a new thread on this same thing, but couldn’t get photos to upload to previous thread…but here is the issue -I am going crazy trying to find out this pattern. Everyone here at the yarn stores have tried and tried to figure this out and we are all stuck. I purchased this in New Zealand from a Saturday market where a lady was selling her hand knitted items. I ask her what stitch this is and from my memory, I thought she said knit the purls and purl the knits, well that is the seed stitch and that’s not it. One side it looks like ribbing but the other side is totally different.
We have looked at the Brioche Stitch but that’s not it either. If anyone has any idea, please please help!! If you want bigger pictures than I can post here in order to see the detail, let me know and I will be glad to email it to you…:gah:
Thanks so much!! :woot::yay::cheering:

I wonder if it’s just a twisted stockinette? :think:

Let me check it out…I will look it up right now…as you can see there aren’t any purls on the one side…everything I try comes out with purls…grrrrr frustrating! thanks for the suggestion…I will try right now…

How about *s1, k1, *??? It reminds me of the back of the heel in Silver’s Sock Class. See link to it at FO My first sock by yours truly :wink:

Great job on the sock by the way…I am addicted to socks also…I do see what you mean about it looking like that heel, but the heel is purl stitches on the other side and this isn’t…dang it! Keep thinking though…you are on the right track! Thanks…

It’s knit on BOTH sides?!?

One side has ribbing and check out the first pic up above that show WS…it appears to be knitted in the row below or some kind of Brioche stitch…but there were about 10 us last week sitting at a yarn shop trying to figure this out…and it’s definitely hand knitted… I have every stitch book I could find from the library and its not there. The last thing I want to do is take it apart, but may have to resort to that…

OK, but if it’s a K1, P1 on right side and then P1, K1 on wrong side???:shock: I dunno! I bet Silver could figure it out!

Did you do this to BOTH sides? It sounds like it might work, but I didn’t have time to try it. I’m DYING to find out what this stitch is.

I don’t think so, I used to do mine twisted…kinda like me:roflhard:…but it still looks like purls on the WS.

I think the purls look like they are knitted…but many folks believe it has either slip stitches or yarn overs in it…Or knitted in the row below…I am too are dying to see what the heck it is!!

I will be in the hospital tomorrow while mom has minor surgery…if nothing else I will be trying out this stitch!!!:happydance:

Could it be some sort of double knitting pattern?


I really don’t know. :?? I might have a better idea if I could see the stitches in person, but it’s so hard to tell from a photo alone. It looks kinda like it’s double knit, but :shrug::shrug::shrug:

I will check out some double knitted stitches…it’s not a thick piece, but this is the strangest stitch I have ever seen…I wish I could cut pieces up and send to you all…maybe i will try to strecth it a bit and take more pics and see if that helps…

Is THIS it? Go to KH Advanced Techniques and see where it says “Double Knitting”

GOOD NEWS!!! I got it figures out today…we don’t know what the stitch is called but its a mix between a Moss stitch and Brioche…but here it is:

Cast on an even number of stitches.
Purl your first row.
Foundation Row: (P1, slip 1 pw, yo) repeat to end
Row 1: (knit slipped stitch together with yo, slip 1 pw, yo) repeat to end
Row 2: (purl slipped stitch together with yo, sl 1 pw, yo) repeat to end

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until scarf reaches desired length. End on a row 1.

Cast off knitwise.

I found a lady today in town and it took her 5 min. to figure this out!!

Thanks to everyone for trying to help!! Arielluria hope your mom is doing ok and try this stitch…it’s really neat!!!

:cheering: Mystery solved. Must try it out now. :happydance:

Hooray! Can’t wait to try it.

Mom’s fine thanks! A miracle happened! Thanks to God a pre-Cancerous growth was found on her Pancreas and removed endoscopically (tube through the mouth). It took all of 30 minutes and she’s perfectly fine now. It was outpatient surgery.

Now back to our scheduled knitting! Post pics of yours to show us if it really looks the same as the original!

So glad everything is ok with your mom:yay::woot:

Ok I will post it hopefully tonight…gotta work up a nice swatch…It’s fun to do and goes really fast… stay tuned!