The cat that went to France

My daughter wants me to make this hat for her baby. We got a kick out of the passport and French newspaper in the background of the photo. Where will Miss Emma want to go once she gets this styling hat? It reminds me of the cat that went to France. This is a true story of a local cat from our home town that got in a shipping container and ended up in Nancy, France over 2,500 miles away. It’s old news, but people here still talk about it.

That’s a cute design for a hat, and let’s hope if little Emma does do any traveling, it’s where she wants to go (unlike the poor cat).

That’s a cute hat. Miss Emma will be adorable in it. Well, she’s adorable anyhow, but you know what I mean. How’s the flower thingy made?
I like the story about the cat. She must have had [I]her [/I]passport. Do you know if she’s been anywhere exciting more recently? :stuck_out_tongue:

She made the headlines in the local newspaper. I haven’t heard any more. Her wandering days are probably over. But she’s still a celebrity in this town. If you mention the cat that went to France, everybody knows whom you’re talking about. lol

This is a felt flower. I believe they give a link for a template.

I read some books, all of them titled The Cat Who… one was Lived High, can’t remember the others. The cat in the books solved crimes. That’s what I first thought of when I saw The cat that went to France.

Oh, yeah. I know that series of mysteries. Good books! But the cat who went to France only caught mice, not criminals.

Maybe to the cat mice are criminals. If they get in my space I consider them criminals. :rofl:

Our house and our neighbor’s are 130 something years old, both built in 1875. He has a pest problem and no cats. We don’t have a pest problem, due to the Mouse Patrol. We maybe get one mouse every two years and it doesn’t last long. The two cats have fun stalking for a while. We joke that the one mouse probably hasn’t heard about our cats yet. The regulars steer clear of our house.

When I first read your post title, I thought it was going to be one of those stories where someone “steals” something (such as a garden gnome or a pet turtle) and then travels the world taking pictures of it in famous places and sending funny notes back home to the owners.

I lived in a trailer house for a short while and mice kept getting into the garden bathtub (and then couldn’t get out, of course). I became very adept at catching them (still alive) and taking them up the hill where a Great Horned Owl family lived (I called it “The Owl Cafe”).

I could have used a cat–especially like the one we have now that’s a ferocious hunter!! It would have saved many a trip up the hill!!

We had one mouse that went through the vents from the basement all the way into my upstairs apartment. It would peak it’s head out for about a week. The cats got a thrill chasing it around the apartment and backing it into a corner. Some days it was like baseball players trying to get a runner out that was stuck between second and third base. It was a big game to them. Then after a while, the mouse was like Jimmy Hoffa. He disappeared never to be heard from again.