The cat must go!

I was 9 rows into a baby burp cloth and was happy with the results so far (first time I was following an actual pattern). During the night, our cat, Smokey, tried knitting. My project bag was lying on the floor and my project was all over the place except for being on the needle! Needless to say, his home will now be outside. I’m having to start all over:ick:.

He he a random neighbourhood cat had been hanging around my house the last 2 days I have brought her inside both nights because winter here… I always put my lace up high where she can’t get it. Cats loving yarn is a stereotype for a reason you know. It’s just in their nature. Yes cat outside or knitting in a closed box. Just think of how much fun she had with it… aww… and that just gives you an excuse to do even more knitting to make up for it.

We have three cats and have no problems. Sorry he has to go outside! They don’t even get into my baskets of yarn, no interest.

Oops naughty Smokey! He just wanted to help his mom :stuck_out_tongue:

poor kitty! I have 4, and it doesn’t matter where I put the yarn or knitting, they find it and “help” me.

:pout: poor Smokey. Could you maybe just drop the knitting in a drawer or put it behind a closed door? If it was a moth, you wouldn’t be able to banish it outdoors. I’m just sayin’… :frowning:

Storage totes are your friend. Just put your stuff in one and seal the top, voila end of cat in your yarn problem.
My cat is pretty good but I don’t trust her during the night, I always cat proof my work in a safe container.

Cassie, my cat, unravelled my project, ran the yarn allaround table & chair legs, and then looked surprised when I yelled.

From then on It goes into either my bag or inside a closed basket.

Ilove my cat & love to knit… you just have to use a little security.

My granddaughter, when I was visiting… 18months at the time… decided to help me… thank goodness just had a few rows when I sat it down to help her mom w/ dinner…

kids & animals are dangerous, lol alway protect the knitting!

I put my cat outside…2 years ago… I haven’t seen him since…:pout:


Update: my son’s have convinced me to give the cat one more chance. How? We went to Hancocks (final day of store being open) and they found a knitting bag for me.

Yay glad to hear that!!!

Good news. I have three cats and two dogs. One of the dogs is a cairn terrier puppy. My knitting is kept far away from her. None of my cats really bother my knitting. They rather tease the puppy. More fun!

I’ve got 3 cats…2 of which are happy to be on my lap and legs while I’m knitting…as long as the yarn isn’t running right across their heads or something…only occasionally do I have to remind them that knitting is a spectator sport (for them). Once or twice I’ve had to pick up a few stitches when they’ve bolted from my lap with the yarn somehow wrapped around a foot or something to get to the window to check out an interesting bird or something happening outside. I think the key is to have other more interesting toys for them to play with and the totes/boxes/drawers others have mentioned. Would never banish them outside…but that’s just me.


Does the cat really have to go outside, or do you need to just change the way you do things? I keep my cross-stitch floss in a sewing box which has a lid, my current cross-stitch project up on a shelf, and my knitting projects in storage bags/boxes or on bookshelves - and my two cats and I seem to have found a place where we get along OK. Granted, I figured out I needed to make these changes after I found messes like your cat made - but IMO, leaving yarn out where a cat can get it is just inviting a mess. Just get a bag or box you can close up and peace will be restored.