The bug bit me

at Stitches. Jamadian and I watched a cool demo at the Jensen booth this weekend, and I think I might be hooked.

IF one were to buy a wheel, what should one look for? Pretend that this one who may buy a wheel doesn’t know what an oriffice hook, treadle, drive band, grub screw, lazy kate, whirl ratio, etc are… :whoosh:

From my own personal experience…try before you buy. Look at Ashfords for this main reason: Customer service. Other reasons: readily available parts, “upgrades”, and changes can be made to your wheel. They also make several different models to suit your personal tastes. I love my Traveller.

It is my personal prefernce. Nothing more. Read more of my opinions on learning to spin here at my blog, if you like. I’ve also posted links at the bottom to help getting started.

This is also a wonderful source of information for you.

As far as wheels go, you’ll more than likely know it when you see it.

Best of luck and hope the spinning bug is for you!

Soooo…are you gonna learn to spindle first, or just go right to a wheel?

(Even without a wheel, it’s freakin’ addicting, I tell you. Just as bad as knitting. Or as good. You know what I mean.)

I totally agree with Lilly. Try before you buy. I have a Babe because it was cheap and It really does spin well. But one day I will get a beautiful Kromski or the Ashford traditional. Love Thoes! Also I would go to your local spinning and weavers guild for live help. Nothing like having someone there to talk you through it. Enjoy this wonderful addiction :teehee:

There is a really amazing place in your area:

They do lots of classes and sell wheels, fibers, dyes and tons of other cool stuff. The next beginning spinning class is on 9/23 and 9/30.
If you didn’t want to take a class, they would still probably be willing to let you try out some wheels. They may even rent you one - I see that they rent out wheels for their classes. If nothing else, they could give you some excellent advice, I’m sure.

Babes are great for learning, and very affordable, but not pretty. Some Louets are inexpensive too, although a little weird looking, but not terrible. Don’t invest a huge amount on a wheel if you’re just learning to spin. You may not like it (yeah, right) and a wheel holds it’s retail value very well. Even if you DO like it, you can sell your old beginner wheel after buying a nicer wheel. I recently sold my Babe on ebay for just $50 less than what I paid for it brand new.

If you can try out some wheels, do that first. If not, just buy one and go with it. You’ll learn to spin on whatever wheel you have! :slight_smile:

yay hildie! i was leaning towards Kromski myself, lots of loyal followers, but I’m meeting less than fans too now that I’ve met some spinners.

my spinning teacher just raves about his latest wheel, the Baynes Upright and it is affordably priced and somewhat upgradeable, not quite so much as the Ashfords. One thing he told me, though, which I wasn’t aware of, is you don’t necessarily need a lace ratio to make lace, basically that you can do just about anything with any wheel if you learn how. (sticking surprise presents and things in your hank might be difficult with smaller orifices, though)

He piqued my interest with that, but then I tried out the owner’s Majacraft Suzie and am about in love with it. It is pricier, but well worth it for what you get, and it has tons of accessories and upgrades. Hers was 10 or 15 years old and you couldn’t tell by the look or the action of the wheel, it was amazing and gorgeous. I think I might hold out for it a little longer so I can get that one, but I’m still considering the Lendrum Folding too.

The moral of the story is, they are all right about trying before you buy. I scoured and obsessed over wheels for weeks, had it all picked out down to what stain I was going to use, then in a matter of minutes, not so much. that website for the lendrum has really awesome information about wheels, how to select them, the differences, etc. it’s also been suggested to me by multiple spinners and weavers to attend a guild meeting, where you will have the opportunity to talk to lots of people and see different types and styles and learn all kinds of stuff. there is a listing of some illinois guilds here

have so much fun! i’m obsessed and in love already!!! (could you tell?) :wink:

there are 2 brand new in box Kromski listed on Ebay for super cheap due to a dealer closing… just fyi here and here if i’m not mistaken, the buy it now price is the regular retail for each, but there is potential to save big depending how the auction goes. :slight_smile: