The BSMittens; where to start the mitten shell? (updated)

I am knitting a pair of these (I hope), present for the man in my life. Usually I can understand patterns easy… but I cant figure out where to start the Mitten Shell.
I read in the pattern…

Pick up 30 stitches across the knuckle of the glove…

I dont know where the knuckle is…

I look at the picture of the mittens, and I think it is about the top of the 10 stitch thumb gusset???

Can anybody please guide me in the english language and the anatomy of a hand?

In advance thanks!

I would guess it should be a few rows before the fingers start. I doubt it’s crucial to get it just the right spot, or else they’d be specific.

Hold your hand in a fist and look at where your knuckles are. Just guesstimate where that would be on the glove and start there. :slight_smile:

The knuckle side is the back of the hand. Knuckles are the bumps when you make a fist, for translation sake. It looks like you pick up stitches along there and create the mitten top so it’s connected at the back of the hand. I hope that helps. It appears that you pick them up wherever you think the knuckles would be.

And good point about the crucial thing… Silver!
Knuckles is called almost the same in norwegian, so I guess I have the right “location”!!!

:frog: I have now knitted the first mitten… and I dont like it. It is too huge in the hand, and the cuff is too small… and the fingers are ok… and when I put it on my hand… it looks, what shall I say… homemade?
I dont like it, I dont like it. I cant decide if I want to rip it back… :frog: