The Brim, how do you do that?

My son wants a newsboy cap, I don’t like the patterns I’ve seen for a 13 yr old boy. I wanted to knit like a beanie style hat then just add a brim, making my own pattern, but I don’t know how to do the brim on my own…Help please, anyone???
I do have templates to use for the brim and some plastic canvass to put in it.

You could just take a brim from another hat and use that. all the ones I’ve seen, the brim is knit then sewn on later.
This patterns has quite good brim instructions.
The brim on this is a good shape.
heres a few more ‘brims’ that might work.

I saw one in Target that was basically a beanie with the brim crocheted, but doubled over. Or it could have knit, don’t remember now. It looks like you could pick up stitches along part of the front edge and make a squarish piece, then sew up. Would have to go take a look at it to see how the sides of it were done.

thanks sue,
I was thinking about taking a brim from another hat. I thought maybe the brim was attached later, but was not sure.
thanks so much for your help, I’ll study those patterns.

lol, sorry jints I called you sue!

thanks sue, I would like to have the brim a bit wider on the sides, I think males hats look better with it that way. But, of course my son has a small head too! lol