The boy scarf

I made this black scarf (or I as I like to call it, the death scarf) for my fiance Santiago. It is made from a cotton silk blend and is super soft (his only direction was, just dont make it itch).

Cool yarn!

:smiley: I like it alot…I just love, love scarves :smiley:

I love the name - “Death Scarf” - looks great!

That picture of your fiance by the air conditioner wearing his scarf cracks me up! :roflhard:

I like the stitch pattern and color you chose - it looks manly! :thumbsup:

What a cool name!
And what a great scarf! :thumbsup:

I like the yarn too!

Since you are in Argentina… Is cashmere yarn cheap there?

What yarn is that? I like it. What a neat scarf.

since I am in argentina, ALL yarn is cheap!!! I am making a poncho for my mum, total cost: 10 dollars
baby blanket (if you remember) was maybe 4 to make
the scarf cost me, I donno, 3
so to answer the question, yes yarn is cheap here. It costs MUCH less to make something than to buy it here. (not that buying is expensive, because it isnt). Hence the me going knitting crazy and taking knitting classes here (which are 3 dollars every 4 classes, 2 hours each)

i love the scarf and the picture of your fiance… well, i just about died laughing. i just finished up a scarf for my little sister and she apparently loves it. problem is that… we live in Arizona and it is getting up to 90 degrees these days. so she sits and watches television with it on while she is wearing shorts and a tshirt. i think she does it to make me feel better. but, totally relate. scarf is phantasmagoric! (loving “death scarf”, by the way…)

That yarn looks absolutely fab! I’d ask what it is, but then I’d be tempted to go get some, and black is not my friend anymore when it comes to my crafts… I’m saving my black working eyes for the linen I bought to cross-stitch a picture for my DH!

Ooooh, that is a lovely yarn! The scarf looks great!!

Great job! :thumbsup: