The bottom of my lap robe is curling up - what now?


I’ve been knitting for many years, but this is a new problem for me.

I’m making a lap robe out of this gorgeous heavy-weight chenille yarn - machine washable and dryable !

Nearly done, but the bottom edge keeps curling up - and up and up.

How can I fix that without having to rip the entire piece up and starting over?


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Stockinette stitch does this. Is that the stitch you’re using?
You can finish the end in garter stitch for several rows then cast off. Go back and pick up sts from the cast on edge and work the same number of rows in garter here. The laprobe will still try to flip the edges but it’ll be at least somewhat tamed.


thank you - I’ll give that a try! the ayrd is so soft and cuddly, as well as being machine washable and dry-able, that I’m really anxious to do a good job with this. Carolyn