The Boobah Zone

I don’t understand all I know about this… :?? It’s cute and colorful and would probably be good for little kids.

dd loved that! she sat and watched me click stuff. fun noises

I thought it might be fun for little ones! Every time you click a bubble or one of the image something else happens. Someone spent a lot of time making this!

It certainly works better than the show I suspect it’s based on! The show is maddening…and just plain goosey. Folks I know here who’ve caught it a few times on TV groan like I do. The characters just made nonsense sounds but they reverberate and go on and on and on. Reminds me of Timothy Leary at one point :slight_smile: They show starts with kids basically going…boobaa…boobaa…boobaa and giggling. Sesame Street is like Black Label compared!

Just had a go at some of the games…many are good for hand/eye co-ordination with a mouse. One or two are really quite difficult and would need a parent to closely supervise and guide. Novel tho.and yes, better than the show!

It would definitely be good for the very little ones to watch or little ones who could click would have a good time with that I think. Fun colors and movements.

My six year old has mastered this website. I can’t make head nor tails of it, but her sister will call out a specific game and she will flip boxes and hit circles for pages and come to it.

I’ve never seen the tv show, but they have a lot of fun on the site.

ooo - the kiddos are gonna like this one…:mrgreen:

Although I’ve long thought that I would like to have some of whatever it was the creators were smoking when they came up with the idea for the show …