The Blog that Jack Wrote: Back from Vacation!


[color="#330099"]Last year we stayed with family on vacation first with my “out-law” family then with my in-laws. For a thank you gift to our hostesses my DW suggested I make more [U]Diagonal Square Potholder[/U] in sport team colors. I had six made for my in-law in Pittsburgh and we took them with us (okay, 4 were crocheted and 2 were knit). But when we arrived my DW informed me we were a pair short.

I spent a lot of time on vacation knitting and finished (except for kitchener/grafting stitch seaming) one with a new pattern mod. I did it in seed stitch.

Here is an image of several of my completed projects; I am talking about the black and “gold” (i.e. yellow) potholders at top right.

Several Completed Projects by Off Jumps Jack, on Flickr



[color="#320096"]Well, another summer has arrived and again we have returned from a vacation in Pennsylvania.

This time it was for a niece’s wedding and was ten days. We had a leisurely (but not too long) stay with my in-laws and then her in-laws. All was enjoyable except for staying at her parents and finding her home is now chain-smoking. Dear wife is a 21 year ex-smoker and both she and I have allergy induced asthma. Our older daughter also has been diagnosed with asthma and our younger daughter sounded like she was developing bronchitis. Two days out of the smoke and younger daughter is no longer coughing and has her voice back.

It’s late here, so I best get off to bed.
[I]Tempus edax rerum[/I]. ‘Time, the devourer of all things.’ (Ovid)


[COLOR="#153E7E"]:waving: Hello.

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. Other things have kept me busy but now I have an explosion of projects keeping me on hooks and needles. :wink:

One is a project for prayer shawl ministry: the blue jean shawl by Knottie. She also has this pattern on Ravelry here

Another is a knitted, double thick, diagonally rows, square potholder (or trivet). Yes, I’ve done something like this before. :wink: Made in Patons Classic Wool, Merino in burgundy color. Not sure if it will felt with use or not.

Just finished a prayer shawl.

Two scarves to finish off.

A pair of sock still on the needles waiting to star the heals.[/COLOR]


Nice to see you again!!:yay:


[color="#154080"]Nice to have time to be able to come back.[/COLOR]


I know I’ve been away too long when I can not find my own blog thread (or is it topic now?)

I decided it was long enough that I should reintroduce myself and give a brief synopsis of what I have been up to.


Tonight I filled in my profile too. That earned me a new badge!

As an old Boy Scout I like badges. :sunglasses:


Congrats on the badges and welcome back to the blog!
The new forum is relatively recent and we’re all still getting used to it. It works quite well though as you’ll see, pretty easy to get around and to post.


I have been working on a new designing project that had kept me away from the forum.

Demolishing and replacing our deck.



That sounds like a big job! Did you finish?


It is a big job.
The rebuild is still in progress.


Looking good! Jack, what next, knitting, building a deck, starring in an Avengers movie?


More like cold and warm therapy for my carpal tunnel syndrome. (Thumb and first 2.5 fingers tingling and numb)

I wonder if Thanos’s hand feels like that after using the infinity gauntlet?


That’s a nice size deck! Looks good!


Thank you. Designed it myself using Lowe’s deck designer online.

In the news: we had a close call with an EF-2 tornado.
Neighbors house:


Whew, too close! Hope the neighbors are all ok.


I can’t see a picture, but glad you’re okay!


Fixed it.

The picture also shows some of the our deck progress (not damage).


Looks great! Tornados scare the heck out of me which is weird since I live in earthquake/fire/mudslide country. lol


Deck is usable for this holiday.


Impressive and in time for the summer! Enjoy it.