The Blog that Jack Wrote: Back from Vacation!


I made a deal with my husband…that I’d learn how to play golf and go play with him when he learns how to crochet or knit and do that with me. (as of now, I don’t play golf, and he’s not making ME any ponchos :wink: )


I know I’d love anything if my DW knit or crocheted it for me. :slight_smile:

I sometimes wonder if she is afraid to learn because she would feel like she was in a competition with me. :oops:

Well, the poncho is slowing getting longer. I’ve had to put it into it’s very own back pack. It no longer fits in with my lunch, thermos, and folder/notebook.

Now to figure out how to carry a brief case and two back packs when I take my projects to work. :shrug: I guess I could swap up to a larger back pack that can hold my stuff and my project both. :eyebrow2:

Oh and I would like to have room for one or two smaller project to tag along in the back pack. I like to have a variety to choose from based on the amount of time and my need to see quicker results or completions.

You know, Melmac, you got me thinking. My wife does sew and my hook and needle roll is dead on the needles because it is taking too long. I bet she could whip out sewn up wrap for me to roll up my hooks and needles. I friend in our prayer shawl ministry uses place mats from a dollar store to make roll up needle or hook storage wraps.



Does your wife have her own hobbies? That could be part of the issue as well as some people just aren’t really interested. :wink:


Jan, yes my wife has choir every Wednesday and she makes glass bead jewelry to sell every Saturday at a local farmer’s market.

I don’t sell my yarn work, but I do make gifts for family and friends. In fact my DW has a “honey do” list of a couple pot holders in Steeler’s black and gold for each of a few recipients.

She is interested in learning to either crochet or to knit (or both). But she has been frustrated easily during previous lessons. Perhaps it is that I am visually oriented (if I see it I can probably do it) and she is tactile (needing to manipulate the yarn with her hands and fingers to learn the motions). She is also visually impaired but her vision is correctable with glasses or contacts. Without them she is literally blind.


Perhaps I’m just not a good teacher.


a few of the women on my parenting board used the videos on youtube to help them learn…

my dh refuses to learn to knit, says he doesn’t have the patience… I told him that if he quits smoking i’ll make him a dr. who scarf… or he could learn to make it himself and work on it when he has the urge to smoke :slight_smile:


Well, I love my wife so the poncho is easier to change. :wink:

She feels the poncho is not yet long enough. But short seems to be in style this year if the available patterns at Bernat, Lion Brand, and Patons. Nope, I have more crocheting still before I’m done.

Okay, I just had to start another simple magic knit square potholder for a quick distraction from the poncho.

:think: What else can I make really quick to satisfy my need to complete a project or two… :wink:

And the poncho goes on…


Sometimes, you just have to make yourself do it. (and I have no room to talk…I’ve been working on a baby afghan for so long, the “baby” is 2 years old, and the blankie has been re-named a big boy blanket) :teehee:


You know I have an application for membership around here somewhere. I can send a copy to you if you’d like to join too. See, it is still blank but I think I’ll get to filling it out soon, tomorrow or maybe later.

Oh, and I hope you don’t mind the dust on it. That just means it is in archival condition. :roflhard:


I finished another of my diagonal striped, magically square, knit pot holders.

[SIZE=“5”][B]Jack’s Magic (Diagonally Knit, Square) Potholder[/B][/SIZE]

[Photo: John Stevens]

Approximately 6.75" by 6.75" (17 by 17 cm)

• Lily Sugar 'n Cream Cotton (medium, 4, worsted)
• Circular needles US #7/4.5mm at least 29"
• Stitch markers (optional)
• Tapestry needle

17.5 sts by 30 rows = 4" (10cm) in stockinette stitch

( JGibson: Meg’s Jogless Jog ) or ( NonaKnits: Jogless Stripes )

Knit the first round in the new color as usual. Before you start the second round, find the old color stitch below the first stitch in the round and lift it up on the needle. Knit the old color stitch with the first new color stitch. (Meg Swansen, [I]Knitters[/I] Issue 45, Winter 1996).

I also slip 3 stitches before starting a new color at the end of 5 rows. This shifts the color jog so that it occurs on the 45 degree fold that happens at the end when you graft.

Provisional cast on 42 stitches on each of two needles using Judy’s magic cast on method.
[SIZE=“1”]( Almost! I modify it so there are no twisted stitches on either needle. :wink: )
( Alt: I suppose you can use a figure eight cast on or some other provisional cast on so long as you have live stitches on two DPNs or circulars and one complete row of ST ST between them. )[/SIZE]

With RS of ST ST facing you, work one round in same color. (5 rows complete). PM.

  • Slip 3 stiches before color change, Join new/next color and knit 5 rounds. Repeat from * five more times. (65 rows from needle to needle or end to end.)

Slip 3 stiches before last color change. Knit two rounds with final color change. (69 rows).

Your rounds should now be shifted 21 stitches left of your marker (if not slip stitches between needles to adjust to center of the pocket side.)

Weave in all ends on inside of pocket.

Graft together with Kitchener Stitch, (i.e. grafting or weaving).

Start with yarn from stitch on back needle.
Front: P, Back: K, * front K, sl, P; back P, sl, K; repeat from * until all stitches worked off needles. (I like to tighten the weave to match the gauge after every five or six repetitions.)

Copyright 2009 by John Stevens


I’ll get back to you on that…some day.

By the way, that baby is now 3 years old. Maybe by the time I finish it, he can throw it across his dorm bed. :whistle:


[color="#330099"]:woot: Yes, the poncho is done.

My DW is grateful for the warm poncho as winter snow has made a big return after ten years. about 5 to 7 inches of snow and ice pellets but it has since warmed up and is nearly all melted away in the rain.

This next weekend we may get some more snow mixed with rain. :eyebrow2:

Now I’m knitting hats for the homeless.

Now, to get a picture of the poncho. That may take a day are more.


:yay: Yay! I’m doing a 10 for 2010 project… 10 hats for charity out of stash yarn! I have two done already. :teehee: I also have another 8 or 10 from last year.


Jan, I no longer believe that you live in southern California. I’m now thinking you live in southern Canada. Because you are always making scarves, hats or sweaters and those things (in wool) just wouldn’t be needed in southern Cali!

But then that may be why you still have the 8 or 10 from last year… :roflhard:

Is your charity “market” over stocked? :slight_smile:


:roflhard: Knitting with wool for charity gives me a wool fix that I can’t get for myself since I can’t wear it. I love knitting with it and the colors are beautiful. Most of these hats though have been Plymouth Encore or random acrylics in my stash. I like knitting hats because they are quick, easy and you can play with pattern and color in a small project. And someone gets a warm head. Small sweaters and vests provide the same entertainment and go to a good cause. :wink:

The scarves however… I often do those to test various wools to see if I can find [I]something[/I] [B]I[/B] can tolerate. :wink:

As for the weather… it can get pretty cold here at night. We get temps in the 30’s and 40’s at night in winter sometimes and since we are not used to it even the 50’s finds us bundled up. :teehee:


[color="#330099"]Wow, adding a new post to this blog kind of gives me the feeling of returning to a cabin in the woods that I haven’t visited in a long time. A bit dusty, musty, and abundant with cob webs.

I think I again have too many works in progress. I certainly don’t have a quick list in my head of all of them and that is worrisome. Let me see what I can list of the top of my head (and in no particular order).

Crochet baby blanket called Soft Shells
Mistake rib scarf
One row scarf
A stuffed sock-bear (needs arms, stuffing and seaming)
Five pair of socks that I haven’t even CO for yet.
A Cro-Hook hat in black and gray for my self, we do have a long warm season here, so this isn’t urgent.
A columns scarf in red and black that just needs fringe.
A vintage doily (crochet - I hope I remember the pattern).
… and I’m wondering which other projects (& how many) I’ve forgotten.

And I had an interesting discovery this weekend. I was changing the sheet on the bed and when tucking in the sheet I noticed a lump of material under the mattress. Turns out it was a skein of yarn that intended for my wife’s poncho.

Oh, and I haven’t taken picture of my projects in like forever. That maybe why I can’t remember them all now.


Hey Jack!

Remember when we were comparing notes on your wife’s pancho and my “big boy blankie”? Well I FINALLY finished it yesterday!!!

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

(so, do you think we should close down the procrastinator’s club yet?)


Wait…whaaaa? You can have too many WIP… :noway:

:teehee: I have more than that. I knit because I enjoy it and sometimes you just gotta cast on something new. :lol:


… Maybe next week. :thumbsup:

After all, I still need to update my OTH/OTN list in my signature. :doh:

Well, maybe I’ll have time tomorrow… :waving:[/COLOR]


[color="#330099"]We took a nice long drive up to Pennsylvania (well it was shorter than usually) and visited in-laws and (does that may your own family out-laws?) Well it was both sides of our family that we visited.

We were quite busy with dinner first at one brothers then at another then swimming followed by boating (and each of those water events were on different lakes too). Then down to the in-laws and Kennywood Park! I love the roller coasters there. Didn’t take my knitting to the park; it would have gotten wet.

Now we’re back home and I’ve fixed the AC and the pool filter too. Wish I could fix my PC at work. It has been trying to load service pack 3 for two days now. It wont let me shut down until it is done.

Well, I was wondering if anyone even noticed I had been away. Didn’t see one comment or question. I guess I’ve been away longer just being busy at work. :sad:

Time for bed. G’night all![/COLOR]


Awww we’ve missed you! You have a great sense of humor! I’m sure your family would beg to differ sometimes…as mine does about my DH. :lol:

I’ve never been to Pennsylvania…but I’ll be going for one night to see my daughter in the Philly marathon in November! The rest of the time we’ll be in DC with her (she lives there).