The blanket and 2 pillows are finished!

The pillows has different patterns on each side.

They are spectacular! I love the combination of strong colors.

What fun, exciting colors–in such an eye-popping pattern! Great job on these!

Beautiful! :thumbsup:

Very nice you did a great job! :inlove:

Fantastic! Congrats on such a great accomplishment. Just working in the ends would have taken a long time.

Awesome set!! The colors are stunning…

now this is what I call a marathon knitting project! Congratulations on a hearty and hardy job well done!
Warms up the whole room. :cheering:

Thank you!:muah:

Wow, what divine work! So colorful, so artsy! It reminds me of the works of Gustav Klimt, the Austrian Symbolist painter who died in 1918. I love his work…and I love your blanket-pillow set, too!

What an accomplishment! Great job!

WOW! Can’t even imagine the work that went into making these spectacular pieces. Breathtaking!

I love the set!!! I would love to have that on my bed!!!
I will have to get my mom to knit me something like that!
My mom loves to knit… and she is a master at it!!

OMG Those are works of art! :notworthy: