The best way to pick up stitches on the heel (one or both loops?)

I never know whether to post under General Knitting or How to but I guess this is sort of a How To.

I’ve made several pairs of socks but this one is bothering me. I made the heel in a different color, white, and after I picked up the stitches on either side and began knitting, it’s got such a seam on the inside. I’m now trying the other sock by just picking up through the back loop of the stitches. I thought that wouldn’t be as sturdy but I want to see if there’s less bulk.

I also wish there wasn’t such an indentation, you know where the new yarn on each side is (where the stitches were picked up) … it doesn’t flow smoothly, it’s really indented. I should post a picture. Maybe I will. Will blocking help?

Wondering who picks up through both stitches or just one…

Just found this little discussion. I know nothing about EZ’s way.

Well, joke’s on me. Lots of people looked at this but no one answered so I kept searching (and also experimented on my two socks) and got this answer.

Apparently, it’s better to pick up in the back stitch only. I did it both ways and it’s much less bulk and looks better. Then I found this video on and she confirmed what I found.

So, here’s the answer!

You only posted earlier today. Sometimes you have to give people longer to answer. :teehee:

Different ways of picking them up give you a different look so it’s personal choice. Been awhile since I made socks, but I think I picked up the inside loop…not sure anymore.

Yeah, thanks Jan. I get impatient! I did it both ways and it looked much better picked up just through back loop only. I hadn’t made any socks for a while too and now I want to start right in on the next pair. I love making them I remembered!

I have noticed too that when you pick up the heel stitches that you get quite a seam. I tired this once I think (I don’t make a lot of socks), and it makes a flat join, no seam bump. Whether you’ll like the look or not I don’t know, but for comfort it seems like it would be good.

Here is what to do. Use a crochet hook and go under both loops, draw up a loop onto the hook, then work a crochet chain st though that new loop. Move it to your knitting needle. Repeat in the next st. Continue picking up that way all the way across. When you knit the next row you will need to knit all the picked up stitches through the back loop because they will be sitting on the needle the wrong way.