The best way to learn to do colorwork?

What I want is the knitpicks telemark ski sweater. What I don’t have is any experience using more than one color except for stripes. How did you learn? Is there an easy cheap/free pattern that I can learn on before embarking?

just do it!

i wouldn’t start with a sweater, but maybe a hat, or headband, (there are lots of free patterns for hats and headbands, i have one on my blog, and there are lots of others available if you search google)

the hat or headband should be knit with a similar weight yarn as you will use for your sweater ([B]think if it as an over sizes swatch)
Learn the technique on something small… then go on to knit your sweater.

I am definitely starting smaller and have noted your pattern. At this point I am even afraid of the headband. I hope to start conquering the fear soon

The best way to lose the fear is to just do it. I mean the headband, not the sweater. You’ll feel so proud when you have this new skill and then you can go on to bigger colorwork projects.:happydance:

its only yarn! if you mess up, you can unravel.

i learned color work when i was young (age 9!) and too stupid to know it was supposed to be scary or hard.

i did pretty good too, for a first effort… (but even then, i saw mistakes and flaws (mostly gauge). i still find i need to go up a needle size when knitting fair isle…

in June Archive of my blog there is a fair isle hat i knit with Paton’s classic merino. normally i’d use a US size 8 needle for that yarn… but i knit the hat on size 9’s and the gauge is still tighter than i normally get on size 8’s.

the hat is stretchy, and the pattern doesn’t pull in (or corregate) but the gauge is WAY different.

this is why i think its important to knit a big swatch (a 20 inch head band is about equal to a sweater front or back… )

keeping your knitting loose , and making sure you knit the right size is very important so a big swatch is a good place to start!

I just started my first item, I’m doing double knitted squares to make an afghan for my husband. I haven’t finished the first square but I’ve caught on pretty fast and it’s lots of fun. That’s the only “colorwork” way I know how to knit right now.

I started off with one of Alice Starmore’s Fair Isles, :oops: . I think it was Mara. I don’t know how many times I ripped that dang thing out, but it was worth it. I remember substituting Harrisville Shetland for the Jamieson’s called for. It was about a year and a half after I started knitting.

Try the Fake Isle hat from Magknits or the Center Square Hat from Knitty…both are really easy introductions to colorwork.

I learned on Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts, free pattern on her blog and a close post has tips for beginners. Check out her Anemoi Mittens pattern too. I would absolutely recommend the mitts to anyone as a first SC project.

I learned fair isle here.
Then I started making up my own little patterns for hats. :wink: