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Hope this helps every one as much as it has helped me

Ravelry is better.

I guess I’ll stick with Ravelry. Ghostery won’t let me go to that site which means TRACKERS and other things I don’t want on my computer. Ravelry is safe and easy.

i stayed away from the links because when i put them in various ‘unshorten this url’ helpers, none would do it, and 2 said there were possible malicious issues. so… no. :wink:

X, you might want to look at Ghostery. I could only open the links if I chose to override the block which I did not do. It blocks a lot of stuff. There are sites I will choose to visit by saying allow once. If I go there again, it still won’t display whatever is blocked until I say it’s OK this one time. The only things it blocks here at KH are Google Analytics and Google Adsense. Other sites like Facebook and links found there have really long lists.

i use the adblock plus plug-in for my chrome browser, works well… and then on facebook i have facebook purity ( which works like a dream… blocks entire lists of stuff… you check which things to go away… i no longer see any news, any ads, any ‘hey your friend liked this, you should too’, no sports, no games, no nothing. just my timeline with my posts and my friends’ posts. facebook hates it, but the 3rd-party company keeps improving it and i’ll keep using it as long as possible.

I used FB Purity and found that Adblock does the same stuff, for me. I just was looking and I’m test driving something called Disconnect that’s supposed to make things load faster. So far I think it might really do it. I had to uninstall Adblock and Ghostery, install Disconnect and then reinstall the others.

Ghostery had nothing to block on FB. Disconnect does something.