The best cast on

i am working in stocknette stitch what is the best cast on that it will not roll on me

Stockinette rolls regardless of the cast-on. What are you making?

a scarf

Then you’ll have to put an edge on it to prevent the rolling. There is an entire sticky about this very problem since it’s so common.

If you work the first and last 5 rows or so in garter stitch or seed stitch, and continue working the first and last 5 stitches of each row in garter/seed, it should minimize the rolling.

see the pattern call to cast on 35 sts so should i add 5 extra sts for the seed stitch then do the pattern

You’d add 5 stitches at each edge–10 total.

see the pattern call to cast on 35 sts so should i add 5 extra sts for the seed stitch then do the pattern

If the pattern has 35 stitches in it, then you’d cast on 45 stitches.

Work the first 5 in seed stitch, work 35 of the pattern, then finish with 5 stitches in seed stitch.

Work the first 5 rows of the pattern in just seed stitch as well, to keep the bottom from rolling up. Then work the last 5 rows in seed stitch.

If it’s stockinette, you don’t have to worry about getting an exact number for a stitch pattern. Just cast on enough sts to get the width you want, do the first few rows in seed stitch, then the first 5 and last 5 in seed stitch.

Ooo, I’m about to start a stockinette scarf I saw on Knitting Daily. It takes advantage of the rolling effect by “laddering” every few stitches to make several rolls. It really looks like fun.
GRRRR! I was gonna post the link here, since the show said the pattern is on their website, but I can’t find it. If I ever do, I’ll post it.

I made a stole with a heavy worsted yarn on size 17 needles. The end don’t flip up but the sides curl in. But with super larger needles (like doing a drop stitch every row) you can make the curl work for you.

what does it mean in a pattern Rows 23-40 With A and B held together, work 18 rows.

If you’re using 2 colors, you’d knit with both of them at once for 18 rows.

is it ok if the yarn gets twisted

You can’t avoid them getting twisted on the needle, will take you 3 times as long if you stop to make sure they’re side by side, and it won’t matter when you’re done. The working yarn can get twisted up though, which can be a problem. Put each color in its own ziplock baggy and that helps.

knitting in two colors is hard

hey this is what i am working on

i have a question after i do the Rows 23 to 40 in color A and B then it says Rows 41 - 55 in A when i am done with row 55 how do i pick up color B to do again colors A and b again

For that many rows between colors you’ll have to cut the yarn when you’re finished with the color. Then next time you use it, just start knitting, leaving a tail long enough to weave in later.