the berry stitch!

Good evening all! It’s my first question as I have just joined your group. I have just taught myself the berry stitch oin circular needles. As you know it’s a four line stitch to see the bills appear. After I did the four rounds, I saw that the stitch was perfect on the inside of the hat and not where it should be on the. Outside…lol…I do I reverse this? Many thanks for your help,

When you knit in the round you should be knitting on the outside of the circle of knitting. If you’re knitting on the inside you’re knitting it inside out. Do you think that’s the problem? If so sometimes you can just flip it the other way when you’re done, but sometimes that doesn’t work out so well due to the way the pattern works. You can try flipping it to see if it will look okay, but if not you may have to start over.

The still photos give you an example of how you should be holding the yarn when knitting in the round regardless of the method you use.

Dear Jan! Many thanks for such a quick reply! To teach myself I’m using 4 needles, in case I have to pick up a dropped stitch! Lol I’m knitting onnthe outside and the pretty stitch is on the inside. I looked at the scarf which I understand, but on a beanie I prefer a circular needle as I prefer not to have a seam. I might have to concede to a Moss stitch which looks good on both sides…I see a pattern for a berry hat on circular needles so I’ll learn from it! It’s on you tube in a pretty purple colour! Many thanks for your help! Cheers…

Sometimes the berry can be pushed to the back, but can be nudged forward. Not all patterns will tell you to do this, but where your berry, bobble or nupp is made, the stitch into which all your increases is made can become stretched out, and thereby swallow the berry. If you knit into the back of the stitch, this tightens the stitch you are knitting into and can prevent it from disappearing to the opposite side.

There is another trick which is to pull up a loop to close up the whole berries and bobbles make on the reverse side with a crochet hook and then K2 TOG. It is best to do this on the row right afterwards.

Also, if you make your berry or bobble looser, there is more yarn used and this also helps keep it on the front side. If I got too far away from the bobbles and then noticed the problem, there is sewing them in place from the backside so the front side looks good, in the meanwhile the first two suggestions may help you.

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Many thanks for all this good info! I appreciate the time you took to
explain this to me! Cheers, Charlotte.