The beginning of a sock-help?

so… I am trying socks…

this is how far I have gotten. I am doubting myself. :pout: I have spent probably 2 hours getting this far. Of course dpn’s are not quite my specialty yet, so the working of them is… um… how do you say… :hair: for me and :help: for my DH sitting next to me on the couch.
My question is am I doing this right? I cast on 48 st and divided them on the 4 dpns and joined (well… as best I could… :oops: )
does this look right to you guys???

That is only about 3 rounds, and it’s just in straight knit stitch no ribbing because I think combining ribbing and these dpns right now would make me :zombie:

To me, that looks exactly as it should look! So way to go, you’re doing better than you think you are!! :hug: You will have an easier time once you get a few more rounds into it. The first few rounds are always the trickiest, no matter how experienced you are with dpns. Just keep plugging away at it. :smiley:

I think it looks just like it should! :cheering:

Keep at it, it’ll get less frustrating the further you get :hug:

Looks good to me, too. I find that knitting a few rows straight on a dpn and then joining is much easier. You have a little gap to sew up, but the tail is there, anyway. :shrug:

The woman who taught me how to knit suggested the same thing as Ingrid. :shrug:

oh i remember the first time for me, i spent two different nights just trying to cast on. look at you on your first night and it looks lovely. just exactly as it should. :cheering:

[color=indigo]I find co to dpns is way to high on the frustration scale for me. I second Ingrid in knitting the first row or two and then joining when there is somthing to “hang on to”. [/color]

Thanks guys! The join was the hardest part I think because it wasn’t as tight as I thought it should be. Maybe on my next sock or after I have to frog this one :roflhard: I will use the advice!

I promise you, it will get easier. Once you master the use of dpn’s, you’ll love knitting on them. At least I know I do, and I felt like I was wrestling an anorexic octopus the first time few times I tried using them. :gah: Now, I love using them. :heart: