The beanie and the stockinette

Good afternoon, I am new here, and I will go introduce myself, but I have to ask this first!

I am a newbie knitter, less than 6 months. I make a lot of baby hats, and I loooove knitting, I recently came across a hat that I want to make very badly, but I can’t figure out how the woman does it. It’s basically a baby beanie, done all in stockinette stitch, but she doesn’t edge it, and it doesn’t curl! It looks like a long tail cast on.

Any suggestions?

Could you please provide some more info like the name of the pattern, a link or photo?

Short of that, you could use acrylic yarn and “kill” the edge to prevent curling.

It may be that the cast on edge is turned under to form a hem. You do it by casting on, knitting stockinette for 2-4” depending on how deep you want the hem, usually purling a row on the knit side for the turn and then continuing in stockinette. You can even catch the cast on sts after several inches so that you won’t have to sew a hem. Can you post a picture?

This is a sample:

In one it does look like a thicker cast on. I just always thought stockinette rolled, no matter what size. Should I try using bigger needles and chunky yarn?

She might have blocked the edges. This will help keep them from curling too.

The green and yellow striped one, looks as though it has an added-on crochet edge, which would lay flatter than just stockinette alone.

Large needles and yarn don’t curl as much as using smaller needles and yarn, so that would help. The edges may have a crocheted edge around them, though the blue and green one looks like a cable cast on. Also, I’ve found that a lesser number of sts doesn’t roll as much; I can do sleeves in stockinette and the wrists hardly curl at all, while the bottom edge of the sweater will roll up a couple inches.

That was my first thought, too.

The last one looks like it has a crochet cast on and the others look like it was started from the bottom up, in other words, they casted on the bottom and worked their way up the hat.

So a crochet edge will keep it from curling? I am going to try that, also what is blocking? I am also curious about the hem thing, I am going to youtube it and hope I come up with something.

Sarah, when you say bottom up, that’s how I always make hats, I was thinking maybe she did it the opposite way!

I am going to research this all, I am determined! Just for peace of mind!!

Thank you all so much!!