The bagger wants my booga

As I was paying for groceries yesterday the bagger (boy of about 17) says - Ma’m did you knit your bag? I told him I had and he asked about the felting process etc. It was really neat and odd at the same time to be discussing my booga bag in the checkout line. I felt kinda bad b/c I was a in a rush and the checker wasn’t too pleased with me talking to him rather than handing her some money…Oh well, he said his mom knits sometimes so he was going to tell her about making bags !!

His mom? Next time you see him tell him to get some yarn and needles and do it himself!

Mason I just knew what you were going to say before I read it.

Yeah, why should he get his Mom to do something he could just as easily do himself?!

Are you SURE he was asking for his mom?? HE was in the checkout line at work with his coworkers and customers present~ :eyebrow: :eyebrow: He MAY have been trying to save face~!

Anyhoo. next time ask him if his mom ever taught him to knit~ It would be interesting to see what his answer was~

I think more boys knit than admit it!!! My next door neighbour’s 14 year old is knitting squares to make blankets as part of his community service hours. He told me kinda shyly, but perked right up when I got all excited and told him my son knits too!!! My son knits weird and wonderful stuff, from his own imagination. He’s quitting smoking and says he thinks he start a group for quitters of smoking, so they can learn to keep their hands busy!! Good idea, yes??? samm

Bear with me here, what is a booga bag?

If I don’t ask, I may never find out.


The booga bag is a popular pattern for a knit bag that is felted.
Click here for the pattern
I keep meaning to make one but I have so many ufos!


Thank you, I have made three booga bags already and didn’t even know it. :doh: