The Back of my Afghan

Okay, I have a kind of dumb question. I am designing an American Flag afghan. I’m going to be using intarsia for the stars (wish me luck!) My question is, what is the best way to get rid of my loose ends? Weaving them in? I saw the picture of the back of the Mario blanket that someone posted (that was so awesome, btw!!!) and I don’t want my back side to look like that. No offense of course, but I’d be afraid that someone would rip it up. What should I do?

If you’re carrying the yarn along you should only have loose ends when you have to add a new skein of yarn. I would just weave the ends in within the same color and it really won’t show. There really shouldn’t be any loose ends or loops when it’s all done. Intarsia can be neat, but it won’t look like the front side no matter what you do. Do a practice swatch to get the hag of doing the color changes and intarsia neatly.

You can weave in the ends along the edges of the stars to make them less noticeable, but as Jan said, the back of intarsia [I]never[/I] looks like the front. You could make [I]2[/I] star panels and sew one on the back of the flag to guarantee that it looks neat no matter how you look at it.

If the stars are small enough and close together enough to do them stranded, the back won’t look like stars at all, but if you don’t allow too many long loops, it won’t catch. That section will still be thicker, though.

Or make separate stars and sew them on.