The baby doesn't like wool

I’ve not been able to knit for about 2 weeks now. I think it has more to do with the repetitive motions than with the baby, but every time I try I get sick to my stomach. I have so many Christmas presents that will go un-made for now. :frowning: I sure hope this stops after the first trimester because there are a ton of things I want to make for the baby & for our 4 year old.

Wow…you’re the third person I’ve seen in here who’s had the same problem. At least you know you’re not alone and it does go away. Sorry it bothers you though! :pout:

I am sorry to hear that baby doesnt like it when you knit. I hope it goes away so you can knit. When I was preggy the dog food make me sick. I think I;d reather it be the dog food than knitting.

OMG and I thought I was going crazy!! I am EXACTLY the same!! Every time I pick up my needles and wool, I feel sick and have to promptly put them bac down again. It must be an overly sensitive tactile thing…

It’s strange because I was not like that with either of my other two pregnancies… strange, isn’t it?

If it helps at all, I’m now 20 weeks and have been able to handle acrylics a little better. I still can get nowhere near wool…even the smell of it (yes I do think it has a smell) makes me ill…

i didn’t start knitting until after i had my last baby, but there were lots of my normal activities i couldn’t do because of morning sickness (mine was all day sickness). hop this gets better for you soon. :hug:

Oh bless your hearts! I have never heard of such a thing, but I know it must be tough on you! I am sorry you are unable to knit at this time, but just look forward to the little one coming. My dil is going into her 4 month and she said she feels fine except for feeling like she has something stuck in her throat all the time.

I had an irp 24 hours a day pregnancy and a normal one. first one boy, second one girl. With my first one, my husband, who was in the Navy at the time, would help me out of bed, set me by the toilet with pillow blanket , water and crackers, and that is where I would be when he got home and he would put me back in bed. My son is now 33, 6’6" and weighs like 230 and I remind him that he was the bane of my existance back then! lol Actually, he has turned into a truly adorable man who loves his mama and married a wonderful young woman.