The akvamarin-blue spontaneouse shawl is ready!

I would like to show you what i did.

I’m working now on free instruction for this shawl.

Oh My Goodness!! That is amazing!!! WOW!! What beautiful work you do!!!

Beautiful shawl! I’m looking forward to seeing the pattern!

Wow…that’s so pretty!

Your work is gorgeous. I love the use of toothpicks to block. Great idea!

Holy guacamole! That is fabulous. Only eight days??? I can’t wait to see the pattern which I am sure will take me 8 months.

Gorgeous!! I can’t wait for the pattern.

That is so pretty! The pattern is lovely - very eye catching.


Absolutely gorgeous!

That’s fantastic, you did such a lovely job! :cheering:



That looks amazing!

totally OT

How many times have you read Skippyjohn Jones? lol! I say Holy Guacamole all the time now. </ot>

The shawl is incredible. I’m in awe.

WOW! :cheering:That is absolutely STUNNING!

Yelena, That shawl looks truley gorgeous!!I :heart: it.Very pretty!!Great work!:cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:

Beautiful!! wow, 8 days…:passedout:
You are amazing!!


It’s beautiful! Love the colour!

Very pretty! Wow!