The adventures of the Emerald Spider

Well I guess starting a blog in the begining (as close to the begining as I can get that is) is better than going back and trying to remember it all.

I started knitting a while ago, I tried picking it up after my paternal grandmother died. I was never really as close to her as my maternal grandmother whom I lived with, because she lived so far away in Ohio. She use to send me letters (via snail mail) and call me when she was able to, but we didn’t really connect until I finally went to Ohio. I had loads of fun while I was there, I got to meet up with my fathers side of the family talk and play with cousins, uncles, and aunts that I had only seen in pictures and I spent some quality time with my grandmother. We made cookies together and she talked to me about her past and I remember that she always had one dog and it was always the same kind of dog (the white ones that snort and have the hair in thier face and the droopy eyes) named BB. Though I only spent a very limited time with her I felt very close, and eventually I had to return to Arizona but even then we read the Harry Potter series together and after reading each of the books she would call me and we would talk about everything that happend in them and what we thought. My grandmother was having thyroid problems, I didn’t think they were bad and not even sure what a thyroid was. I just remember her joking that now she had finally lost all that weight she was trying to get rid of. She was having surgury to fix the problem but some complication happened with the anesthesia and she ended up with dementia. It took me a while to realize that my grandmother would never be the same. I had tried many times to try and call her but it was never the right time or she was too tired. My mother explained it the best to me. She told me that some times my grandma was the same person she had always been but that most times she thought she was someone else. A couple years after this she finally passed away. It hit me the most because it was Christmas time, and in years past I remember going to See’s to pick out a 2lb box of chocolate with my mother and then sending it off weeks before Christmas so it would get there in time. I was depressed for a long time there were so many things I wanted to tell her wanted her to know, I had gotten pregnant a year earlier and I wanted her to meet my daughter. One day soon after my mom took me to The Phoenix Art Museum while I was in the gift shop I saw one of those kits for knitting your own scarf, it stood out for me flooding me with memories of watching my grandmother knit, asking her if it was as hard as it looked to click the kneedles together. I asked my mom if I could get it and she gave me one of those mom looks and then reminded me of all my half finished projects at home and then pointed out that I didn’t know how and if I learned she would buy one. So I taught myself and the rest is history.:x:

I have been knitting for about 5 years now but I still consider myself a beginer because I have only been seriously knitting for the past year, and I am only now getting comfortable with things that are not flat. (scarves, pot holders ect.)

As of now I have only finished a washcloth and I am in the middle of making two scarves and my first pair of socks. At one point I made a juggling ball but because it came undone and the beans started to pop out I don’t consider it one of my finished projects anymore.:frog:

So right now I am in the middle of two projects I am hoping to finish by Christmas but I think only one is going to make it. I am knitting the Hogwarts scarves for a friend of mine and I started on my first socks that I want to finish and give to my significant bother but I don’t think I will get the socks finished in time since I am so busy with the scarf but I’m hoping.:thumbsup:

A little about the now:
I have two children and a fiance who has been my fiance for so long that I got tired of calling him that so now he is just “the boyfriend” or Tim. Together we own a snake, but he is not very nice and I call him “Elmo the grouch”. I had a little snake of my own but he passed on Easter of 2008. I am hoping to get another but right now I am still in mourning for my little one. As of right now I am very luck to not only have a job but I also have one that I like. Unfortunautly I do have a degree that I am not putting to use. I hope to right the situation soon but it is hard to leave the good job even if I will be persuing a higher pay.:think:

Oh god… I was hoping that wasn’t a snake…I can’t stand them and don’t even like to look at them. :zombie:

This is going to seem mighty strange to you but he was a sweety like a puppy that doesn’t yip, piddle, or chew on your furniture. Oh, and has no hair. If you get them when they are young and handle them they are very good natured.:thumbsup:

I was so lazy this weekend:wall:

So I am making the scarves for the different Hogwarts houses:
Ravenclaw &

Currently I am only on Gryffindor and I need to be finishing it in a week but I still have 6 more stripes to go and I did not knit at all this weekend.:hair:

I am such a slacker:ick:

I know what you mean. My daughter’s boyfriend had 2 snakes who lived at my house for awhile. One was around 4 feet long, and the other was a little over 5 feet long. The larger one was afraid of the live mice that he gave them to eat. They were both very docile. I took them out as often as I could and handled them. They were a heck of a lot cleaner than the 4 dogs and 2 cats that live with us!

P.S. My daughter “rescued” one of the mice, and he became my “grandmouse”. :teehee: :teehee:

:roflhard: I think anyone who owns a snake probably has a rescue story. My boyfriend bought a live rat (Frozen Rats are rather dificult to thaw) thinking he would be able to kill it before feeding it to Elmo the Grouch, at the time I owned a rat myself and when I came home I suddenly had 2 rats instead of 1 it was so sweet when I asked him about it he just said “I couldn’t do it” :teehee:

Still trying not to look at your avatar… :zombie: I like furry pets.

I have a kitty cat unfortuautly she is so furry that when I moved out I became allergic to her:pout:

my favorite furry pets are ferrets and some day I would like to own a large dog.

:zombie: So I taught myself to knit, but when I was younger my mom tried to teach me how to crochet. The only difficulty was is she is very left handed and I am very right handed :poke: , by the time I was old enough to be patient enough to learn our roads were taking us different places. Now that I am so into knitting it seems ashame that I should limit myself so I am going to have a go at it and have her try to teach me again and I am so excited I cannot wait… but I have to :ick: (still not enterely patient)

also I am considering a knitting tatoo. My soon to be sister-in-law is an avid angler and has quite an interesting tatoo of a hook on her ankle and I was thinking of doing some unique design to the effect of displaying to the world that I love my yarn. (some how saying that I love my needles gives the wrong impresion:teehee: )

And in other news, it seems that a lot of other knitters in my state live to north to really get together so I am going to recruit my own knit-buddies:woot: one of my co-workers gave me the idea by letting me know she would love to be taught soooo yeah. I hope I will be a good teacher because I would love some buddies.:x:

I am very left-handed, and one of my closest friends is very right-handed. When I taught her to crochet, we tried having her sit across from me and “mirror” what I was doing. She is now a better crocheter than I am. I’m very proud of her!

Thank you that is a great idea!

Almost done with Gryffindor:woot:

So at work they are sending people home because we don’t need a lot of staff today and it is erie, I work the front desk and sometimes it gets so loud that I have to tell them to hush. Now it feels like I am working alone:zombie:

They offered to let me go home but I like being at work. I get to see my work friends, I help save lives and the best part, I get paid to do it. (I think I would stay even if I was only volunteering but I am not independently wealthy so maybe not.)

p.s. and I get to knit at work.

Love your new avatar.:heart: Much better than the other one!

yes well I was thinking there are very few people afraid of darling children and Tims, somethimes I am afraid of Tims… but only when they are acting crazy:thumbsup:

Yay! You’ve changed your creepy avatar! Now I can read your posts again! :teehee: The new one is cute. :thumbsup:

What do you do for living? I don’t remember seeing it in your first post.

I got off work early today (they made us leave an hour early.) So I decided to take a look at Tempe Fiber Factory. I was in heavencloud9 they had so many different things there my head was spinning. They even had a place where you could sit and knit with others and they have free fresh coffee:shock: I think I just found my home away from home.:x:

I work for United Blood Services. I work as a recruiter and a receptionist, I also do oddball jobs like going to sports events and big mobile events. I have an associates in paralegal but I love my job right now and it is hard for me to think I would have as much fun in a law office. However I need to find a new job soon.:think:

I love my little man he is so adorable but he is such a little bruiser he bangs his head into everything :wall:

I have been having dreams about knitting at my LYS so I set it up to have the kids watched this Friday so I can go hang out. There is this 1 skein I saw there, I don’t know what I would do with it but it is just so beautiful I want to do something with it.:x:

I knit at my LYS every Friday evening. LOVE IT! It’s my special time and I try not to let anything interfere. However my kids are grown so… might be harder for you sometimes. :lol:

Yeah but in a couple more years it will be easier to find babysitting and my mister will not be in school anymore so he can watch them.