That's Never Happened Before

I’ve been working on my husband’s sweater hammer and tongs since I got done with my socks. Last evening I was checking in on my mother in law and noticed a piece of skin hanging off the end of my thumb. I didn’t think anything about it since the yarn I’m using has dried out my hands quite a bit and I’m unwilling to use lotion and having it transfer to the yarn.

I picked off the skin and was immediately met with abject pain and suffering. It took a good deal of my thumb with it. I’d managed to wear a nice blister where I control my stitches. I’ve never had that happen, ever.

So, I could not knit with this open abrasion on my thumb and put a bandaid on it until I get up to the office supply store and get one of those plastic deals that tellers use when counting money.

Ouch! I think I deserve a brownie. :wink:

Ouch! I think that deserved a brownie too!

Definitely deserves a brownie!

maybe even a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on top!


I just noticed a callus on my left index finger from pushing on the tip of my Options needle. :slight_smile: I think a callus is preferable to a blister. You most definitely deserve a brownie. The ice cream idea is even better! :wink:

I also think the brownie with ice cream is desreved. But change the flavor from vanilla to chocolate ice cream.

I made one of my famous, rich chocolate cakes with a sinfully wonderful mocha glaze. I just peeked in the kitchen and there was a very small slice left, which proves the kids who say they don’t like coffee are liars.

The thumb is feeling less raw and I was able to do a few rows this evening while watching TV. But I’m still getting one of those teller thumb thingies. I barely got anything done today. You never know how much you use the end of your thumb until air molecules coming into contact with it are agony. :stuck_out_tongue:

As the self-imposed “defender of the knitters”, I proclaim thee worthy of a brownie*!

Old Skool

*brownie redeemed upon payment of peanut butter cups to all “defenders of knitters.”

You may want to try one of those leather thimble thingies. I think they may be called quilters’ thimbles.

I checked for knitting thimbles and they are all made for the forefinger. The teller thimbles are harder to locate in these days of money counters.

I’m used to the Options now and don’t have a problem, but there are still some yarns that create problems. I’ve been meaning to get some of these thimble pads. I think they’d be much more comfortable than a whole thimble.

Here are some other styles, too.

There are also some thin, flexible covers that may be what you want Angela.

I actually used a small bandaid and that worked until the tenderness healed and I now have my callous reforming. I’m vowing not to start on another project until I have my husband’s sweater done, but wouldn’t you know it, my aunt’s package just got here today from Holland with my FIL’s favorite sock yarn

I use a rubber finger tip covering all the time on my right hand index finger. They come in different sizes, and they’re wonderful. Usually end up cutting off a wee bit on the end for a better fit so just a small portion of my finger is exposed.


Thanks for that link. We tried to find those yesterday when we went into an office supply place to get printer paper. They didn’t have them. I’ll order some for those “tender moments”.

Glad to help! :slight_smile: Too bad about your office supply store not carrying them because you could have tried a few on for the perfect fit. I’m afraid the more we go ‘paperless’, the more scarce they become!