That's Just Swell!

Wow, the sizes for Knitty’s Swell are messed up, huh? Or was it just me?

Anyway, photos/details available here.

sara_jayne had the same problem…hers came out kid-sized, I think.

It’s a shame, it’s a cute hat!

It looks wonderful! I love the way you did the ties in the two different colors!

Stine is right! I made the Medium and it came out in a size that would fit a 2 year old! :wall: I love the pattern though so I’ll be giving it another try with size 8 or 9s instead.

Wow ! awesome… :cheering:

[color=darkblue]I wanted to make this hat for two five year old boys. With your experience with the pattern would the small work well?[/color]:shrug: