That's just gross

On Friday I went into the boss’s office to say bye. It was after 5 so most people were gone. Our cubes are not very high, everyone is visible. On the way back to my desk I saw a co-worker… picking her nose. She must have seen me out of the corner of her eye or heard me because she stopped as I passed her. This is why I do not participate in office food days ( potlucks).

Get her a box of tissues?

Come on, give her a break. If I have a boogie driving me crazy, I do it, (just have a tissue close by). It’s gross, but it does happen.:rofl:

I only pick my nose when I’m in the bathroom. :shrug: My XH walked in on me once, so his favorite pet name for me became “Nosepicknpoopie” :roll: … Then whenever I leave to go to the bathroom, he tells people “Oh, she went to pick her nose”.

Hence the “X” in XH :teehee:

Especially the kind that vibrate when you breathe.:teehee:

I was also going to add that you could get some girly-girl hand sanitizer at bath and body works and “accidently” leave it in her cubicle… then when she goes to return it, just tell her to keep it, you have another one :thumbsup:

Gross maybe, but it does happen and she obviously thought no one was watching. I wouldn’t do anything because that just draws attention to it and if she saw you and thinks maybe you saw her she’s probably embarrassed enough.

Ah well, we all have such things accumulate in our noses. I think she would have had a bit more class if she had gone into the restroom to deal with it, but it’s still perfectly natural.

Now if she had eaten it…

It is a natural response to nature’s activities; however, be certain no one is watching. Years ago, a friend and I, used to drive around L.A. in my little MG sports car and we decided that while en route the male past time at a stop light was picking his nose. Oh well, we have, females that is, equality so just be careful who is looking. Okay? :teehee:

OK now that’s gross :ick:

If it makes you feel better, I knew a head of department that seemed not to know what deoderant was, but would always hover his arm pits over your head (unintentially, like in holding a door open or just lingering) He would also apparently lick serving spoons and put them back into dishes…yuck!

I also recall a grade 10 math teacher that liked to pick then flick…

I think one trip to Paris and a few rides on the Metro would cure worrying about the armpit thing for good. I can honestly say it doesn’t bother me now!

I don’t blame you for skipping potlucks with the serving spoon thing! That’s very disrespectful to people.