That will never fit over her head!

Hello, everyone. I am writing here… PLEADING with someone to help me figure this out. I’ve found a pattern for a gorgeous poncho to fit my 10 month old daughter. I bought the yarn and started it today…. three times. [I]shakes fists in frustration[/I]

I’m getting SO annoyed! The foundation row is 36 stitches (to start the neck edge) using worsted weight yarn and a 5.5 mm hook.

So I did that… not big enough. Went up to a 6mm hook. Again, no good. Went up to a 7 mm hook. STILL not big enough (and I am making the stitches as loose as I can). Then I tried an 8mm hook, which just makes the foundation row look wonky and twisted. [I]sigh[/I] I can’t just add more stitches to it, however, because the pattern is worked in a multiple of 8. So I thought maybe I could make it so that it had buttonholes at the neck edge or something??? The pattern goes like this:

[B]Beg at neck edge, ch 36. Taking care not to turn chain (which I didn’t), join ch w/ a sl st forming a ring.
RND 1: ch3, work 2 dc in same ch as joining (first corner made), dc in next 8 ch, work 3dc in next dc, dc in next 8 ch 3 times. Join rnd w/ sl st in 3rd ch of ch-3.[/B]

Ok, so I’ve done all that exactly and there is NO way that this poncho will fit over her head using only 36 chains, and if I go beyond a 7mm hook it just looks sloppy. Can anyone PLEASE help?? It would be really appreciated!! TIA!!

Are you getting gauge? If the pattern is from a book or magazine, you might find an errata page.

Frustrating, isn’t it.
Good luck.

Why can’t you add 8 stitches?

I can, but I’m useless at working out how to do the rest of the pattern if I do that… The rest of it would be thrown off and I’d never know where to do my increases and decreases. :frowning:

Thanks for that. I’ll go look to see if there is an errata for it… :slight_smile: