THAT sweater

Yay. I finally finished THAT sweater.


  1. I learnt to knit continental, because all that seed stitch background was too slow English
  2. My first ever grown up sized sweater
  3. I do love cabling, and I finally learnt to cable without a cable needle (about 4 inch from finishing it I took the plunge!)
  4. I designed the sleeve cable all by myself :cool:


  1. Never EVER do two cable patterns at the same time with different row repeats
  2. Seed stitch should be illegal

Great looking sweater! You done good, kiddo!

I hereby petition the Knitting Help goddesses to declare seed stitch illegal. Since I don’t mind doing seed stitch I’ll just continue on and be an outlaw. :roflhard: When I tried to knit English I realized why people don’t like seed stitch, rib stitch, whatever. For me it’s np. The important thing is you have a fabulous sweater! Congrats.

I concur [I]completely[/I] with #2.

Great job on the sweater! Especially the design on the sleeve.

I forgot to mention. Made it for husband (model in photo). He might not ever actually wear it, but at least now he can be off the knitting ‘to do’ list for a while.

That’s beautiful Rosey, love the cables you designed. After all that work hubby better wear it! What’s the difference between English and Continental knitting then?

The way I look at it, it’s the making it and giving it that’s up to me. The wearing it is someone else’s responsibility. :mrgreen: Knitting something for my girlfriend is sorta like painting a landscape for Monet. I know full well that she could do it better, that’s not the point. And I’m pretty sure she won’t wear it – often at least – which is also not the point. But she WILL understand what went into it, and that’s… kinda the point.

I expect you knit English which means you’d hold the yarn in your right hand and throw it. We Continental knitters hold the yarn in the left hand (like a crocheter) and “grab” it with the needle (if I throw the yarn, it’s literally out of frustration and across the room!). There are videos for both styles here. Changing the yarn from front to back to front as for k1, p1 ribbing is much easier and faster in Continental. It’s all a matter of personal preference or what I can do since English style hasn’t worked yet. (The easier and faster part may be purely subjective on my part but Continental knitters all seem to find ribbing easier.)

I’ve always thought Continental [I]looked[/I] faster and easier, but that may just be envy talking. I can’t really do Continental… it sorta requires fingers I don’t have. But if I ever figure out a way to fake it, I’ll be a willing convert!

Yup, I do knit English, until this week I never knew there were other ways! I’ve learnt more in one week from reading threads on this forum than I did in two years of self teaching. I would imagine knitting continental when you’re used to English must be a bit like trying to write with your left hand when you’re not left handed!

Great sweater!! I love the sleeve cables.

I totally agree that I’ve learned more from this forum than in the few years I’ve been knitting. I just taught myself continental and with the norwegian purl, seed stitch is still a PITA, but not as much.

I’ve tried and failed repeatedly to do the Norwegian purl. I will keep trying, I like knowing how to do various things various ways. Loosening up on the tension was what really made a difference in purling for me, I have much less rowing out.

Continental is faster for anything ribbing/seed stitch where you keep having to need the yarn at the other side. But, yes, for stocking stitch it does still feel like knitting left handed :teehee:

I was doing continental for the background, then english when I got to the central cable section. I learnt english, so when I need my brain for cabling, I need it to not be occupied thinking about continental. English is more natural for me, but now that I know both I can swap & change. Makes me feel clever :woot:

And if he never wears it, well I have a lovely warm sweater to steal. All I need is some extra pounds to fill up the ‘ease’ I added in the front :rofl:

The sweater is really beautiful. You done yourself proud, girl!

Beautiful sweater!!

It’s not universally true that continental is faster. For some people it may be, but I’ve also seen English knitters go amazingly fast. . My go to method is english, but i taught myself continental for fair isle so I can use both hands and for things like a ribbed scarf. For english I sorta bring the yarn over in one fluid motion which is pretty fast.

I do hate seed stitch though with any method. :teehee:

Now THAT seems to be universally true. Well except for GG, but we already knew she’s a loose cannon. :wink:

Great looking sweater and I love your gifting philosophy. You learned a lot of neat things, like cabling without a cable needle. :heart: I don’t mind seed stitch and it looks so neat, but I hear you on the cable crosses being at the same time. Makes it a lot easier. Sometimes I suppose doing them out of sync can’t be avoided but if it can it makes life easier. I did a couple of hats that had one pattern that was 4 rounds and another that was supposed to be 7 or 9 (can’t remember) but I made it 8. Much better…:wink: and no one will be the wiser.

It looks fabulous! You did a wonderful job!!!

Very good looking sweater with beautiful, intricate cables. They are such fun to do and look so good. Very well done. DH looks great in the sweater and I hope he enjoys wearing it!

It’s very handsome sweater! The cable running up the sleeve is a real eye catcher! Be proud!

Pardon me while I gush (I’m English; we don’t gush).

But THANK YOU for increasing my circle of knitting ‘YAY’. Up until now my circle has largely consisted of my mother (neither inclined to positivity or enthusiasm) and my kids (very enthusiastic, about everything, so no sense of scale).

So thank you, knitting peeps.