That sweater from Glee

I love this cute cardigan/shrug from Glee, and I’ve scoured KPC but can’t find one like it. I particularly like the ribbed collar, and I think it’s made by picking up stitches around the whole thing once it’s done, but I really don’t know how to design it myself. Does anyone know of a pattern similar to this?


I don’t have a pattern, but I know that Old Navy sells them (shrugs, not patterns). Maybe you could go have a look.

I’m sure there are probably better options but the featherweight cardigan was the first thing that popped into my mind. I know you pick up stitches around at the end. You could easily work it into a shrug by making everything shorter! :slight_smile:

I thought of this pattern from Nashua knits: It’s not quite the same, but it’s close.

This is similar.

So is this:

I found this one that’s similar on Lion Brand’s website:

I know I saw another similar pattern in an email newsletter that I received; I just can’t remember if it was Berroco, Bernat, or Knitting Daily. I will look through the issues I’ve saved and post here if I find it again.

Look what I just found!

First of all, thank you everybody for the patterns you were kind enough to find!

Flipoid, I added that cropped raglan sweater to my queue because I really like that design too. And, my sister saw the ruffle shrug and promptly demanded that I make it for her, so I guess I’ll be doing that too. Thanks Mel. :teehee:

I was going through some hardcopy patterns I have, and found this that I didn’t even remember! I’ll be making a couple of modifications- I’m going to do ribbing instead of seed stitch for the collar, and make half-sleeves; and I’m going to use a sport weight yarn instead of DK to get the sizing right. But I think this is the one I’m going to use for my “Glee Shrug”. Yay!

Thanks again for your help!

I saw your request and I also know some patterns :wink:
“garnstudio dot com” has some simmilar projects (all for free and in many languages) - the spaces do not go with the original link of course, but I must not yet enter links here.

This one here is much more large scale, but who knows what ideas you get from it on page one. The forum will not let me attach a link, sadly (since I am new). But you will find it there.
I instantly found two more on the pages up to page 4, so there is plenty to chose from.

Best just browse their site. There are a lot of projects on there and you can surely mix up the right cocktail from there!



I think Lion Brand website has almost the exact pattern you were looking for. It’s free, too! Check it out on their site!

Good luck!

Ruthie :o)

I got a couple of these in my mailbox just this week! From Lionbrand. The neckline is a little more ruffle.

The other one is from Tahki Stacy Charles, but I cannot find it at the moment and was an exact match for the one you’ve pictured. I’ll look more and see if I can’t find it in my pattern folder somewhere.

I tried to reply earlier this week, but my posting never showed up.

My advice can not be delivered as easy as I would like to, since I seem not to have enough postings to enter links yet. But there are multiple sweaters / shrugs just like what you want on a website I visit a lot:

garnstudio and then a dot and then com. And there you go. One right there on the first page of the Engl. ladies’ patterns. And several nice ones more (I only searched to page 4 or so).

I hope, you find something interesting there!