That darn Seed Stitch!

This website has been such a wonderful help to me. I have taught myself a lot of stitches but I can not seem to get that darn seed stitch. I understand that it is k1p1. But my question is when I get to the end of a row and flip my work do I do the opposite stitch that I did on the last row? Everytime I attempt to do this stitch I end up ribbing. Any help to clear this up would be great.

mamabear :XX:

You have to do the opposite stitch of the one that’s now facing you. Forget the fact that when you created a stitch it was a knit on the other side. It is now, as it faces you, a purl and that’s what you go by. So for seed st you knit the purls and purl the knits as they face you.

If you have an odd number of stitches, then just k1p1 on every row. After awhile you will be able to see the pattern and will know exactly which stitch to do where…you know, like, if the kids interrupt you (like that EVER happens, right?).

shaking fist at Ingrid in (fake) fury Argh, you beat me again!!! :roflhard:

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So at the end and I flip my work I then do a knit stitch even if my last stitch on my last row was a knit stitch?

Yes, because when you flip it over it ceases to be a knit stitch. It was a knit stitch in its last life. It has become a purl as soon as you flipped it over. So knit into it.

Well I will give it another try, I will let you know how I make out.
Thank you

THis needs to be in EVERY knitting book ever made! When I was teaching myself i was SO flippin confused on why my stitches would “dissapear” Knitting (and purling) because so much clearer as soon as I was told a purl stitch is just a knit stitch done backwords!!

Another thing to realize is that after you get a few rows done, your pattern will start to appear and you’ll be able to see what you’re doing by looking at your work.

:lol: @ Fiber and Ingrid! :lol:

I was able to get the pattern but when I took it off the needles the piece curved it wasn’t straight WHY??? I am getting sooooo frusterated.

I wouldn’t worry about it. K and P have different tensions, and pieces will fall into a natural shape. Once the whole blanket is knitted, it will straighten out. You can also block it into whatever shape you want by wetting and pinning it, but I would wait to see what the whole blanket looks like.

… it was a knit stitch in its last life …

what a classic. I will never be confused again! (welllllllll)

P.S I’ve always found seed stitch very easy and it’s so pretty, if extra work.

Now if only I could get Ingrid to look at my right twist stiches, man those are something else…

Sure! Come on over–I’ll have a look. :smiley:

With seed stitch, I always just go by the LAST stitch I made just before turning my work. If my last stitch of the row was a knit stitch, then my first stitch of the next row will be a knit stitch. If the last stitch of the previous row was a purl, then the first stitch of the new row will be a purl.