Hi all…
I have been lurking on this board for awhile and have decided to come out of the shadows! I taught myself to knit this fall. I have enjoyed the many useful hints, helps and ideas that have been shared on this board. So thanks for helping me cultivate my new addiction!!

Rhonda :happydance:

ps- my current project is socks. I finished the first one…which is very interesting in a unique sort of way and am now working on the second one.

Welcome Rhonda! :waving:

I’m so glad you’ve de-lurked! :hug:

:happydance: Oooh, if you’re into knitting socks, join the Sock Swap! (See my sig)

I’m not sure I am good enough for a sock swap yet!! I need to practice some more…I need to make sure I can produce two socks that look the same!!


I am also new to the forums and am also on the second sock of my first pair. I have been doing all types of needlework since I was a child but I have always wanted to knit socks. Now i’m addicted :teehee:
I just purchased some new yarn for more socks and have just located a yarn shop about 30 miles from my house. Road trip next weekend :happydance:

Welcome to the forums. This is probably the nicest group of people I have met.

I will have to agree with you that this board does have nice people! Good luck on your second sock :happydance:

I too have done lots of different types of needlework…but knitting is pretty cool. There are so many new options to consider…plus there is a whole new reason to visit the craft store :cheering:

Welcome to the forum to both of you!! :cheering:

:waving: WELCOME Rhonda and Nan!!! It’s good that you’ve come out of the shadows :cheering: This site is a wonderful resource. Everyone here is so friendly and supportive.

Nadja xxx

Oooh, but you have time to practice! The socks don’t have to be mailed until Valentine’s day! :happydance:

Nan joined us…:teehee:

ETA: Jan…:poke:…Jaaaaan…:poke:

Welcome! I am a newbie knitter also and have found the members to be very helpful and nice. :hug: :hug: