Thanks to the SnB book

i have learned how to pickup stiches… :muah: and no wonder i so much trouble doing it! :hair: i was actually picking up stiches rather than making new ones with new yarn!!! :whoosh: i feel so stupid!!! :gah: i was doing it totally wrong!!! they need to call it something eles!!! :nails:


That’s great :cheering: picking up stiches seems so scary, it’s really cool you can do them. Yay you :cheering:

Then they add to the confusion of saying ‘pick up stitches’ or ‘pick up and knit’ and usually it means the same thing, but sometimes it doesn’t. I’m glad you got it figured out, though.

How’s that baby?

Ingrid, I didn’t know that “pick up stitches” and “pick up and knit” might mean two different things. I always took it to mean exactly the same. So what is the difference?

99.9% of the time, they are the same. On rare occasion, as with the clogs, for example, you pick up the stitches without pulling the yarn through.

So instead of pulling a loop through, you just start knitting?

No, you just get your needle in under all the loops so that the piece is on your needles. Then you start knitting. I know that with the clogs, people did attach yarn, and it probably didn’t make any difference.

I’ve seen the technique of just picking up the stitches used when two pieces of knitting are going to be connected, so there’s no point in having yarn attached to both.

thats what i had been doing for everything!!! :grrr:

Aidan is fine. hes getting heavy but still skinny… the little boogerbutt!!! :muah: :muah: :muah:
Krickett tried to smother him yesterday. she sat on his head. if i hadn’t heard him making muffled sounds she would have succeeded! :noway: i turned away for a mintue and she got on him and he was in a chair and she wason the floor… her fat butt is quick. when i turned back around she was looking at me like she knew she was up to no good!!!. now that i know she can climb i guess i’ll have to move the playpen to the living room!

Sibling rivalry at it’s best! I remember my daughter looking at her baby brother singing a song about poking the baby with a needle and feeding him poison. She was almost 3, too.

:noway: WHAT!!! i’ve never had a problem before. but i think that these 2 are too close together!

You’ve got two babies there. It’s hard for her to share. Extra cuddles for her will go a long way. Let Daddy take the baby when he’s home.