Thanks to Ingrid's "Trust the Pattern"

:woot: I JUST completed, not only my FIRST stranding and my FIRST intarsia BUT ALSO my FIRST “short rows”. I was freaking out the entire time and I was wiggin a bit when the pattern was telling me to turn the project and knit back over these stitches. I was like, “Wait! I’ve still got other stitches on my other needle!” BUT I decided to, as Ingrid ALWAYS says:muah: “trust the pattern” and WA-LAH! It worked. :woohoo:

Okay, so I did notice that my short row intarsia knit stitches aren’t as pretty as my regular knitting, but you what? I DON’T CARE! I’m just SO STINKING impressed with myself that I pulled it off!

These are for the converse baby booties I’m knitting. I am HOPING that my bro and SiL won’t mind that they aren’t all professional looking and just be tickled pink that they are made with love. :muah:

I’m just SO tickled at that minor…oh who am I kidding…MAJOR accomplishment, I HAD to give a shout of joy.:woot:

WTG! It’s such a great feeling to accomplish something new. Good for you.

It feels so good to learn something new. You deserve bravos!


Yeah!! And btw…[I]they aren’t supposed to be professional looking[/I]! They are hand knit and I’m sure they will appreciate the thought and love that went into them!

Congratulations! :slight_smile: I did the knitty ballet slippers recently, that was my first short row project and I felt the same way! I can’t wait to see the finished slippers! :slight_smile:

Yippee!!! :happydance: That is great!!!
I too have used the “trust the pattern” mantra from her signature line and it has saved me some major frogging!
I’ve yet to try the short rows but really want to try.

:cheering::cheering::cheering:Congratulations! I certainly hope I’m going to find a picture over in the Whatcha Knitting forum.:whistle:

Hee hee… I’ve got to learn to knit an i-cord when I get home from work (will be watching videos here of course to get me through it) for the “shoestring” and then I’ve got to do some weaving of about a million ends and stich 'er up. but YES, I’ll be taking a pix to share…don’t you worry. HEE HEE…

These things are too stinkin’ cute. I want a pair for ME… well, not THAT bad, but…

:roflhard: I’m giggling not laughing, but giggling hard. I’m SO proud of you :cheering: You also sound SO proud of yourself. It’s fun to conquer a new skill and you did THREE! :woohoo:

:mrgreen: Why, yes I AM mighty proud of myself. :roflhard: Why else do you think I went bonkers nuts shouting it from the rooftop. :roflhard: :roflhard: And it is okay to admit you were laughing, not giggling, at me. I can take it. HA HA…

See the difference is you guys will cheer with me (even through your laughter at my “wee” bit of excitement) whereas my DH is all “huh?” and couldn’t care less.

Thanks for the cheers everyone! I feel all “special” right now. :yay: (this is me clapping like the dork I am right now).

Have a great rest of the day/night whereever you may be and I’ll be sure to post pix as soon as finish one of these babies! :wink:

:thumbsup:I also have been in “trust the pattern” with my very first sock. Like you I was screaming from the roof.:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:
So congrats on your project and you will alway remember this milestone in your knitting life.:woot:

I FINALLY got the FO pix posted for all to yippee with me. :roflhard:
It is under the Whatcha Knitting Forum under “Christmas FOs: Baby Converse & Balaclava”.

Thanks again for everyone’s support.

whereas my DH is all “huh?” and couldn’t care less

What’s up with that? Mine’s the same way, he’ll say something is cute when it’s for DGD, but with everything else, it’s just an uninterested “that looks good”. I need to get involved with a RL knitting group.