Thanks, Sheldon!

I don’t know how long they have been there, but I just now noticed those buttons or links at the top of each page (User Settings, Private Messages, KnitChat, New Posts, Search, Quick Links, and Log Out). I love them! I thought they were a little obscure before.

I don’t think they have been there long. They weren’t there yesterday when I was online.

They were a lovely surprise this morning! Thanks!

The “KnitSpy” under Quick Links is really neat. I saw it last night.

Looks great Sheldon :slight_smile:

Actually, they’ve been there all along. They’re a little hard to notice when you’re focused on the boards though… Once you scroll down just a bit to see the forums you can’t see them any longer.

Oh, that’s cool! :wink:

yeah I’v always used the new posts one to read the board. They’ve got new little icons on them though, which is great!

Oh yeah, the layout’s different. There’s icons now, they used to be just a link before.

Yep…I noticed the icons last night too. User Settings used to say User CP, etc…


I have only just noticed them too…GREAT!!!

:muah:Sheldon :muah:

Thanks Everyone! :mrgreen: Glad you appreciate them. I’ve always thought those links were small and unassuming and quite easy to miss for the casual user. Also, User CP seemed wasn’t very descriptive so we renamed it User Settings. Little things but they hopefully make the forum easier to use, especially for all the new user’s who check out the forums each day. Speaking off: I noticed tonight we are just about to break 16,000 members. When I upgraded the forum in May we had 8,000!

The KnitSpy feature is quite neat. We’ve had that since the May upgrade. I just slipped it in and forgot to announce it. I use it anytime I make changes to the forum and want to see if the forum still works. I go in there and wait for a new post to appear. Quite handy!

Ronda, I think you’re right! What now says User Settings used to say CP. You had to know that CP meant Control Panel! I don’t remember a separate little envelope ICON for Private Messages either! Same goes for the little conversation balloons for KnitChat!

Yes, this makes these features more usable, and recognizable, for new forum members, too!

I noticed those 3 little [U]icons[/U] today for the first time…

I’m guilty of not noticing those little things up there either! But I love the forum and visit almost every day. I do wish the “previous thread” and “next thread” buttons could be at the top. I would like to get to them more easily.