Thanks Madametj

…For this pattern!!!

Stash buster idea thing… These are the simple wrist warmers. Really easy!!!

can we get the pattern? cute

Wow, those are really cute! your stitches look nice and even , and I really like the colors in that yarn! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Great job!

Sorry, double post.

Here is the pattern.

(Sorry, don’t know how to embed.) They look prettier once you put them on; the one in the pattern picture looks kinda weird. Anyways, the pattern calls for a size 4 but I used a 5 since that’s the smallest size I have. Anyways, thanks for the comments, everybody!

(Later: Oh yeah, and I was able to make them in the time it took to watch the Grammys. They’re really fast. Plus, we have TiVo and ffwd’ed the commercials, so it was quick easy and nice! I think I will give them as a gift.)

Those turned out really nice :smiley:

I think those will do for me, so I shall put that on the list. I had to stop knitting tonight because my fingers are so frozen!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Very very nicely done! :cheering:
Love the yarn colour, too :heart:

awesome! I love the color!

Thank you, thank you!!!