Thanks for the push, ritaw!

Due to ritaw’s post, I got brave and attempted to teach 4 yo to knit, well that meant I had to do it with the 3 yo also!! It was so much fun. We got our little mantra going and they did really well. The 3 yo only held one needle and I helped the 4 yo steady her needles when she wrapped her yarn around. I was impressed at how well they did especially on the small needles I had (size 5’s)

I think I might have some future knitters! Thank you ritaw for the encouragement! I really enjoyed that time with my little ones.

[COLOR=blue]Oh ! i am so happy that you had a great time . It is a lovely feeling when you them doing it.
And 3 and 4 they are fantastic for doing it and not losing concentration.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]Hooray for the knitters of the future :)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]Glad my advice helped :hug: [/COLOR]

there great fun to teach at this age, ds is 5 and we have been playing with needles for about a month, he’s making grandad a scarf, its 10st wide, but sooo cute.

they are good n small needles for an ickle one. ds is on 6mm i think. he hasnt doen it in a while, but its for grandad for christmas lol

good on you for more recruits for the habbit :woot: