Thanks For The Help And Encouragement

The scarf I am knitting is a testament to my progress with my knitting. The first few inches are full of uneven stitches and mistakes. As one moves along it’s length the stitches become more even and the mistakes become less and less.

Last night I knitted a few more inches onto it while sitting in my truck watching a DVD. Those rows actually look good.

Thanks to continued practice and the great help and encouragement on this site it’s slowly improving.

Mason, that is excellent to hear you are making such quick progress. We’d love to see a pic once your done.

You’ll be tackling all sorts of things soon… Keep truckin on! :thumbsup:

:cheering: that’s wonderful!! I’m so glad you are enjoying it… the best advice I got when I started was not to be afraid to move on… jump in with both feet… if you need help just ask…someone here will answer you… :happydance:

:woot: Before you know it you’ll be making hats and socks on dpns, making lace wraps and scarves for the ladys and cabling beautiful sweaters and all the frustration of this 1st project will be a brief memory.

:hug: :muah:

Nadja xxx

all those mistakes you made in the beginning will be little symbols of accomplishment! the men i’m teaching to knit at work all have scarves, and while they laugh at how their first rows look, they appreciate how much better they knit now!
and i always remind them, flaws just let people know it’s handmade! :smiley:
congrats! keep on knitting!

Thanks all. It is kinda cool to see the progress and improvement in the piece.

I’m actually looking forward to trying socks and hats when I feel I’m ready.

You are doing GREAT
keep it up, stitch by Stitch, inch by inch
sometimes you nee to look at the single stitches, sometimes the whole pattern
focus on one and you loose your place

sorry, m I being to cliche?

I need to remind myslef of tha often
and even more so when i was begining
I used to only knit in eyelash type yarns when i first started
that way i could not see the mistakes without looking [size=1]REALLY CLOSE[/size]


That’s terrific! When you’re done with the scarf, either blocking or washing it will help even out those first few rows where the stitches are a little off. Bet no one but you will be able to tell the difference.


I know that feeling. I remember my first knitting project a simple garter stitch scarf) and how as it got longer and longer the stitches evened out. Even to this day, I will look at my project still on the needles and feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. It’s a real self-esteem booster to create something by hand, something that you can take pride in. I know your scarf is going to turn out great and before long you’ll be knitting all kinds of stuff. :happydance:

[color=indigo]I had to smile when I read your post. I taught my best friend, Frank, how to knit last fall. When I went back to see him a week or so later, he’d been working so diligently on his first practice piece he’d worn the paint of the end of his Boye needles! In mid-December he was still making hats without decreases at the top. Now he’s doing cables–self taught.[/color]

LOL The paint is just about gone from the ends of my needles. I was kinda hoping that was normal and not a sign that I was doing something wrong.

I’ll have to read up on blocking.

:cheering: :cheering: Good work Mason :slight_smile:

My first set of alumminum needles did end up with unpainted tips, so it’s pretty normal :oops:

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Yep! Paint off the tips is a sign yer working hard :wink: Keep at it Mason you are doing brilliantly =D :cheering:

Welcome Mason~
After conequering scarves my next project was hats~~
They are quick, easy and a natural progression from scarves IMHO :cheering: