Thanks for all your help! Fur scarf is DONE!

And not a moment too soon! It was a fun knit but not as easy as I thought. The pattern was written really poorly so I had to get some help from you all and from a woman on Ravelry who used to work for Paula Lishman. It really turned out very well, I’m super pleased and my friend is too!

Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement!!

Yeah!!! :muah:

Great job … looks warm!

That stuff isn’t easy to knit with either. Looks great. :thumbsup:

Nice scarf!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


very nice! looks soft and warm :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! It wasn’t easy to knit with, very slippery and it got up my nose, A LOT! It was also like knitting with a bag over your head, I had to learn to knit by feel because the fur was so fluffy. Luckily, it was only 2 rows like that out of 7 most of the time. AND, I had to learn how to sew the leather together because you can’t weave in the ends or just tie it together. Unh.

Man, I’m so glad this is done!!! I could not have finished it without your help! Thanks a bunch!

What kind of fur is it? It’s pretty.

I bought a rabbit fur coat at a thrift store and I’ve been looking for ideas on what and how to recycle it into other items.

It’s sheared beaver. It’s so incredibly soft. The “yarn” was actually very very thin strips of pelt with the fur attached that was twisted around fingerling cotton yarn. They weren’t really spun together, just very loosely twisted. That was another problem with knitting, if the cotton was too loose it was easy to knit into it AND the fur and you had an extra stitch.

It’s Paula Lishman and there is info here:

Nice job!

Looks so lovely and luscious!!!

That’s nice. It looks nice enough for a dressy occasion. Beautiful job.:yay:

Wow! That is stunning and must be very warm. It does look like a difficult project to complete. COngratualtions!

Seriously, you guys are so great!!! I had a crummy week and all your comments are brightening my spirits!!!