Thanks everyone

Hi everyone
I finished my first felting project yesterday. I asked a million questions here online before every step and it turned out beautifully!!! I haven’t kept one of my projects for myself in forever but i’m keeping this one. I’d post a pic but i’m sort of computer challenged.:aww:

well, i guess you’ll just have to mail a picture to everybody on KH. :roflhard:

CONGRATS on finishing!!! :woot:

i’m sure if you need help posting a pic there are [I]plenty [/I]of wonderful people on here who would absolutely love to help you! :slight_smile:

I only have access to the computer at work but if it was a easy and quick process i’d love to be able to do it.

Posting a photo is not too difficult. First, save the photo as a .jpg file no larger than 800 pixels X 600 pixels. Then come here and click on “post reply” in the thread. Scroll down below the message box section to the “Attach Files” section and click on “manage attachments”. A window will open and you can browse to find the the file and upload it. Then post your message.

Another option is to host the photo on another site and then post a link to in your message, as I did here: