Thanks again Kelly! (knitting needle holder video)

Kelly! You just helped me out a great deal! You posted that
Knitty Gritty episode episode of Knitty Gritty (Oh dear, I never learned how to a link like yous guys) over in another post…

and in the link there is a video of how to make a knitting needle holder. I have read and reread the Stitch n’ B instructions but not being a great sewer I just didn’t get it. I knew it was easy but, not until I watched the video this morning did I know I can do this in a cinch. So thanks!

Can someone post the link to the video. I’d be interested to see it. Thanks.

Ok. Took a little time but here it is:

It’s so simple I’ve got to do it:,2025,DIY_14141_3468409,00.html

Scroll down to the video…

P.S. Exucse all the repetition knitty gritty knitty gritty
episode episode stuff… it was early!

Thanks for the link.