Thankful for this Site!

I am so glad to have this site available. I’ve been knitting for 38 years, and yet there are so many little and big things that a person can do to get better results, which I never knew about, and would probably have never learned without our Site here. The latest technique I learned from here is the Wrap and Turn for short rows. When I think of the number of projects I’ve made with little holes in them because I didn’t Wrap and Turn…

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing everyone’s FO’s, simple to advanced. Gives me so many ideas. This month I’m working on several red, green, white dishcloths to give as small Christmas gifts to the ladies at church. That’s a fun way to do nifty new patterns without taking too long.

Anyway, thanks.cloud9

I agree, it’s a great site. :thumbsup:

I also agree. It’s a wonderful place, not only for knitting help, but for hanging out with other knitters.

It IS a great site! Love it here! :thumbsup:

Forgot to mention how hard the administrators and moderators work to keep this place as good as it is!


I agree - great site - great community!

By hanging out here, I am “upping my game” and committed to not just more knitting, but better knitting.

Love this place!

I totally agree, about the site and the mods. :cheering: I get such encouragement and knowledge about a craft I love, and also get to laugh and cry with y’all. Not much better than that.

:grphug: This place is the BEST! I am so grateful to this site for helping as some one else said upping my game!!

I agree wirh the rest of you. It’s a great place. It has really helped my knitting along. Also when I need to rest from my knitting I just pop in here.:cheering::cheering:

Yes, this site is AWESOME! A friend of mine told me that she had started knitting and recommended the site to me, so I checked it out sometime in March or April.

And guess what? This site TAUGHT me how to knit! It’s a hobby that I’ve come to absolutely love, and I’m so grateful for everyone who has made this site possible (Amy!), for the moderators who help to keep the site awesome, and for the wonderful community of encouraging, supportive and fun-loving knitters.


I love this site, too. I don’t comment too much, but I visit it a lot.


:woot:[COLOR=purple][B]I LOVE THIS SITE! I couldn’t have done my homework from my knitting instructor without you! Your all just GREAT! ADMIN AND MODS! ALL GREAT![/B][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=#800080]I have learned so much from you all. Members on here are always willing to lend a helpful ideas and tips.I am inspired to knit and knit better.[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#800080]I love the fact that you have helpful video clips for us to view. Those can make the difference between “ok, now I get it” or " this is just to hard, I give up"[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#800080]You are Greatly Appreicated by me!:yay::yay::yay::yay:[/COLOR][/B]

I know! this site is awesome!

btw, what is “Wrap and turn”?:oops:

I love this site too. I have been obssessed with it since I found it in August. I don’t have a lot of knitting friends and so it’s great to be able to talk to everyone here about knitting and get advice and just chat. I’m feeling so sentimental, but it’s true. I consider everyone here a friend, even though I’ve never actually met you!

Me Me to I just love this site. Like so many here I have learned a lot. I am even doing a lace shawl me doing that. For not for this site I wouldn’t have the nerve to do one.:passedout:

Wrap and Turn is involved in knitting short rows. There’s a video about it in advanced techniques. I was knitting a dishcloth that is done in wedges, so each row you stop and turn around 1 stitch shorter. I’ve just been been turning, and that leaves a little hole each time. But there’s a certain way to wrap the thread around the last stitch. The video is very clear.