Thank you!

:muah: Thank you all so very much. I’ve gotten so much help and good info here.
:cheering: With lots of help from people here, I finished a sweater for myself. It’s this sweater worked up in Caron Pounder Cape Cod Blue. I added German short row darts. It’s so warm and comfy. Normally I wash acrylic items right after they are finished but I tried it on and don’t want to take it off. Sorry, I don’t have a camera, so no picture.
:knitting: Now I’m continuing work on leg warmers for my GD. I think my DD wants more wrist warmers for which I have cotton yarn. My DS wants … the list is long!

Well, that sweater does look warm and comfy. Enjoy wearing it!

Glad we could help. Told you German short rows were great. :wink:

Yes, you did and they are. Much better than wrap and turn. If a new knitter like me can make them work, they can’t be too hard either.

I must take this sweater off and wash it. It is warm and cozy.


The sweater pictured is gorgeous, I don’t think I’d want to take it off either!

Do you mind if I ask you about the short row darts? I assumed they were to accommodate the bust. Given how low the neckline ribbing is on the chest, how did you work in the short rows?

Just a nosy newbie asking… :wink:

Happy knitting!

Love the pattern. :thumbsup: This is the first time I’ve ever heard about German short rows. I will certainly check this out as it sounds interesting.

Ohh I bet it is warm and comfy! What are German short rows?

Wanda and Jan, fatoldladyinpjs posted a link to this video which showed me how to do German short rows:
German short rows don’t wrap before turning, resulting in a neater, cleaner line. When I’d done the wrap and turn method, it looked ugly so I reworked it and it was a little better but the wraps still were so obvious. With the German method, the purl from the wrap was eliminated so less to show.

Charlotte, I started the short rows about 3" below the armhole bind off and before I did the neck opening. I did about 2" additional length. The rows ended to the side of the neck opening so one really didn’t effect the other. That neck and no shaping would have ended up a mess of bunching and hanging weird on me.

Thanks, that’s really interesting! There are so many ways to do short rows!

Jan, what’s your preferred method for short rows?

I’m glad that link was posted for me to find. I’m glad you find it interesting. What other ways to do short rows? I watched a video showing a number of ways and decided they were either too complicated or showed more. The first time I tried this method, it looked like someone who knew what they were doing did it. :happydance: I say I’m put together out of mismatched parts so multiple sizing and adaptation is the name of the game. Knitting is so much more than I’d realized. I wish I’d gotten started years ago instead of just last summer.

Thank you for the link to the video, G.G. ( I refuse to call you ‘grumpy’ :teehee:!) By golly, I think the German short row method looks like the way to go. I just finished doing a bunch of short rows on my current project and have three more of the same ahead, and it somewhat a pain the way I am doing it (Cat Bordhi method) but have to say the wraps don’t show on the right side of the work. I am definitely going to try this method for the remaining short row work ahead. :slight_smile: Again, thanks. Never too old too learn. :wink:

In case anyone else is interested in the Cat Bordhi method:

Wanda, do you think you’ll switch? I’m going to try this one but I think the German method is simpler for me.

Yes, I really do believe I will try the German method as it appears to be so much easier to do than what I have done in the past, and during this current project. I have nothing against the Cat Bordhi method but the German one just seems more simple. I don’t mind a challenge, but IF something is as effective and easier, well why not, eh?

GG - Thanks for indulging my curiosity on how you worked them in. I can see where a couple of extra inches would help!

Just a nosy newbie asking… :wink:

JPC, if you need to use short rows, let me know and maybe I can help you find things more easily than I did to figure it out. I almost ripped everything out to reuse the yarn for something else. It was extremelty frustrating.

This is the last method I used (on a sweater) and it really came out nice.

Here’s a YO method - Not sure if these two are the same or slightly different.

Japanese short rows -

I’m sure there are others as well. On the slippers I’m making you just turn and leave a gap and then knit the two across the gap together when you reach that point. Many different methods all yielding similar results. :wink:

So want to start a sweater.

Thanks, Mikked. I’d love to start another sweater but can’t right now, other things otn. I have to do my Christmas sewing too. Maybe after Christmas, if you were thinking of a KAL type thing we could get something set up.