Thank You

I just have to say Thank you.

I have not been a member on this forum for long. Nor have I gotten to “know” anyone. But the support is amazing. Simple questions are answered without judgement and with clarity - in english.

I found a new home to go to when I’m not knitting or taking kids all over the town to soccer games & dance.




The friendliness of this group and Amy’s great video’s are what drew me in!

From one left-hander to another, I always think it’s great to have another left-handed knitter on board!

Mama Bear

Welcome! I too am hopelessly addicted to knitting and this forum. Everyone here is awesome!

:hug: :hug: :hug:

I am so addicted to this site now! I’ve been on some other sites (not knitting related) and the people just want to fight about stuff. This site you can ask a question even if it’s been answered a bizzillion times and there is always someone with a cheery, helpful attitude there with an answer. I come here for laughs, knitting help and a boost of confidence and check these boards throughout the day. I’m a KF junkie! :cheering: :roflhard:

Me too! The only other board I ever actively participated in was – for about a month when I was shopping for espresso equipment. Everyone is really patient and helpful there too, but once I bought all my gear and got it set up, I didn’t feel very compelled to go there anymore. This place is totally different. There are always new techniques to learn, new pics of FOs and yarn to ogle, and an incredible sense of community and support that is just… well, addictive! A year ago I never, ever would’ve imagined myself as a knitter (it was serendipity that got me started in the first place), but now I can’t imagine living without it, or KH. :heart:

me too. i check everything multiple times throughout the day.

DH is pretty understanding, but he still likes to laugh at me sometimes. “are you on your knitting site again???” and he can always tell. the purple/pink bars on the side are a dead giveaway. :rofl:

:hug: :muah: :hug: :muah: These kind words are wonderful, they make me so very happy to be a member of KH! I must admit, we have a group of AMAZING people! :muah: :hug: :muah: :hug:

My husband is super cool about my knitting, I think he likes the idea that I have a hobbie that keeps me out his hair. :roflhard: He likes this site too and he’ll look at the FO’s when I’m looking at them. He’s not interested in learning anything just looking at the pretty pictures! :teehee:

I had DH bookmark this site (and a few others of mine) over on his profile because sometimes when he’s on the computer I’ll have to check something. Now when I say I need to check something he says, “Your knitting site?” :teehee:

Jane–everybody on this group has been GREAT!!! I LOVE this group!!! :heart: I would not have been able to do SO MANY things had it not been for the kind and helpful support of everyone in the group. Of course, I wouldn’t have been enabled to take on new projects and buy more yarn, either, but that’s not such a bad thing, is it? :wink:

Welcome to the group!

Welcome! I found this place totally by accident…well, at least by just searching “free knitting videos” to see if there was such a thing as video clips of knitting. This site popped up on top as many times I am too lazy or impatient to scan through pages of other possible matches.
I check this place every night for a couple hours at a time and many many times before or even instead of checking my emails. I am on the computer all day at work but this is fun and not work when I’m on at home.
Stay, have fun, and get crazy!