Thank you to those of you

…who post images smaller than 500 pixels wide. :thumbsup:

If you’re one of those posting images larger than 400 pixels wide, please remember that they must be edited by a mod to keep the tables of this site working properly. So if you’ve noticed your posted image is smaller than you remember, don’t drive yourself crazy, it’s just been resized by a mod. :wink:

Thanks for your help in keeping working properly!

I’m glad you mentioned how many pixels…I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anywhere what the maximum width should be. Thanks for keeping everything pretty!

Well as a guideline, if your image is making the table stretch out wider than it is without an image, your image is too wide. :wink:

BTW, this goes for links too.

This is the quicky program I use to re-size pictures:

Its free and does not require a PHD to understand. Download it now!!!

Thanks for the link kitkat!! :cheering:

These were probably posted before, but it bears repeating. :wink: The image resizer doesn’t correct an image, but can resize quickly if you need it.

Link resizer
Image resizer