Thank you silver!

I just finished my first pair of SOCKS!! :woot:

If you’re thinking about learning I really recommend learning with one of these -->

I did the one toe-up on 2 circular needles :yay:

Yay for socks! :woot:

Congrats! Silver’s the best! :cheering:


I agree Silver Is the best ever for socks.
Now you gotta do the other one:roflhard:

DQ, congratulations! I agree…Silver is da bomb when it comes to tutorials. I made my first pair using her instructions as well.

YOU GO GIRL!!! :thumbsup:

You’re so very welcome, and [B][COLOR=Red]THANK YOU[/COLOR][/B] for the tip! :muah:

I just wish I could have given more because you deserve it :heart::hug:

I’ve done the other sock, I’ve been ordered by my mum to do another pair for her though! :passedout:

Silver’s tutorials rock, thanks for making them!
I did my first sock from the instructions for dpns. Still haven’t finished the second one but thats because I’ve been busy with other things.

Congrats DQ!

I haven’t done the sock tutorial yet though it’s on my list of to dos, but I just looked it over and something just hit me–

you can cast on all of your stitches onto a single dpn and spread them out. wow, I feel so smart! haha I’ve been casting them onto all three since I started with dpns

I could not grasp turning the heel until I read Silver’s tutorial. It really is the best out there. You ought to do a CD, socks, mittens, you know, in your spare time. :slight_smile:

Spare time?

“Spare Time”??

Omg… that looks so funny when you stare at it long enough. Spare Time. :roflhard:

I’ve bookmarked it and it is on my list to learn to do this year. I’m aiming for February… eeek, now I’ve publicly made a deadline…:doh:

My thank you as well, Silver and just throw in a few minutes for tea with each of us in that “Spare” time! LOL I know it must have taken countless hours to produce these videos and we all appreciate your help. Mary

Thanks Mary, but make no mistake, I did not make the videos here at Knitting Help. That’s the work of Amy & Sheldon and they do indeed deserve many, many thanks of their own! :slight_smile:

I wrote the sock knitting tutorials linked in my signature. :hug:

OOPS! I meant all the photography and knitting to each photo. Slip of the keyboard~ The sock tutorials ARE what I learned to make socks from.

Yep–and she’s not just good at sock tutorials–have you seen those bags or read her blog?@?@??@?@?
I think her tip jar is a good idea–it’s a great way for us to give back what we would have spent in lessons/patterns, etc.