Thank you Marykz! Options have arrived!

The Options set arrived this morning! I’m so excited, I’ve been playing with them all afternoon grin They have a purple cord, woo! They’re so much better than any needles I’ve used before, and with the cord being so flexible there’s much less strain on my wrists.


Happy happy joy joy :slight_smile: And she sent a lovely magnet too, with her avatar on it - I showed it to my friend and she was blown away by the colour of the butterfly and how cool it was that it just settled on your knitting :slight_smile:

So, I notice that there’s maybe going to be a UK supplier of knitpicks and that’s great - I’ll definitely support them - I still get the idea though, knowing how much the UK is charged for stuff that we’re going to have to pay through the nose for them because of business related customs and excise stuff :frowning: I’m thankful that I got mine through KH because it gave me a chance to communicate with some lovely people, and get to know Marykz a bit better :slight_smile:

Off to play with them again grin

Fi xxx

YAY!!! I’m so glad all got there intact!! now go knit something!!! (LOL)

Aren’t they wonderful? I have had mine for a week and adore them!

Hurray for Options!!! :happydance:

I am mailman stalking right now and all I order was a size eight and a cable so that I can start talking about how lovely it is and can get more.

That was such a nice thing to do…to send them over to you. It’s NOT just the item…its the packaging and then going to post office and so on. Very kind and I’m glad you’re getting such joy out of them. We now have KP availability here but gosh its expensive. I know what you mean.

wishin I’d gotten Options instead of Denise…:waah:

I know this is a weird question, but does anyone know where the Options needles are made?

I really like the fact that the Addis are made in Germany where hopefully the workers are getting paid a fair wage.

I can’t seem to find anything about this on the KnitPicks site.



Mine say made in India.

Hmm…didn’t expect made in India, that is interesting.

Probably better compensation for their work there than in some of the other countries involved in manufacturing these days.

I would like to try the Options, sometimes I want a “pointier” point on my needles (especially when doing cables!).

…and I really like the sound of the purple cording!


How much did they cost you all up?? If you dont mind me asking :slight_smile:

i can get options from an Australian website for $145 AUD (thats about 124US) all up - I dont know if thats a good deal or not… any ideas?

I ended up getting the options set, a sizer, and three sets of tiny circs for only £40 (about $75). It’s an amazing price for them all, but I think it has to do with the fantastic (to us) exchange rate between dollar and pound atm. I imagine once they’re sold here in the UK it’ll prob be about £60 just for the set, at least. We’ll see, though.

I originally ordered Denise in order to get the 16" cable, but as soon as I started knitting with them I knew I would not be entirely happy. I emailed Denise and they immediately agreed to take them back and issue a full refund.

I received my Options on my b’day (great timing!) and absolutely L:heart:VE them!!! They’re every bit as good as Addi’s, but the sharper tips make intricate stitches easier. They are a pleasure to work with.

I think it depends on the shipping costs- the set (w/o extras) is about $60 (plus tax, depending on where it gets shipped in the US). Then the overseas shipping to Australia, which I admit I know nothing about. Shipping to Willowangel in the UK was about $15. I’m willing to guess AU would be more, but I’d be surprised if it were as much as $60! The set with the case and organizer sheets was heftier than I expected, so it isn’t just shipping a few needles in an envelope.

So, if that helps your decision… There is a USA/Non-US trade sticky thread on the buy/sell/trade board. People on both sides of the ocean/or world! can post what they are looking for, and what they are willing to trade or do about payment. When I did Willow’s I was ordering from KP anyways, so it wasn’t a big deal to add a few more things in. Good luck!