Thank you each and every one of you

This is finished and ready to be felted, thanks again…

This is the pattern that I have just finished and I am trying to figure out what to do at the finishing part,
it says seam the bottom of the bag.

Please advise…

here’s some seaming stuff

Can I use that on the original cast on stitches as that is what I am trying to close… and all the stitches are off the needles…
Please advise this new knitter is just about to throw up my hands.

Here are some other seaming techniques.

You can use the mattress stitch, but pick up one stitch on each side rather than picking up the bar as demonstrated. You can also use one of the other seaming methods. It’s not as critical on the bottom of a bag as the side of a sweater. I think the main thing for a bag is that you want it to be strong, so back stitch might work well, too.